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  STREETWORK 21:08 16 Oct 2003

Can anyone suggest a web site which may have an MS Access 2000 database which allows random selections of questions to form a question paper using multiple choice type questions. I have been trying to sort one out for months, stuck...

  Taran 21:46 16 Oct 2003

Randomising Access database content is no small thing. The SQL involved is quite complex even for small amounts of data and on only one table. If you have a series of questions with multiple choices available to answer the necessary query would be compounded in difficulty.

I wrote a JavaScript program a year or so ago to test ECDL level students on general hardware and software terminology. It comprises 3 tests of 10 multiple choice questions each and you can't do stage 2 unless stage 1 has been completed while stage 3 can only be reached on completion of stage 2. It randomises the questions every time you run the tests then it marks the results and tells you what you got wrong, the answer you selected and the answer you SHOULD have selected. The whole thing runs in an HTML template web page and the source code is in a protected .js file which cannot be easily accessed for cheating purposes.

I'm a software engineer (among other things) and even though I know Access/VB programming I found it far easier to write the JavaScript questionnaire from the ground up than I would have done in generating the Access solution.

Have you looked at some of the tools for generating quizzes if you aren't inclined to write your own ?

HotPotatoes is used by a lot of people click here while other products like QuestionTools click here allow some quite sophisticated quizzes and questionnaires to be generated.

Someone may be able to help with an Access solution but it's not a project I'd like to undertake when JavaScript is available to me.



  STREETWORK 07:16 17 Oct 2003

Thanks Taran

I have all the data within access 2000, columns titled 'Question' 'Choice a' , b, c, d - the last column is for recording the percentage of people who got the particular question right. I have found that I can make a report based on a selection of questions, say 10. and then fiddle with the form to set it out for printing. As you say it is fiddly and I will try the javascript route (have to learn it first).

thanks again

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