DAT to PC (digitally if possible)

  kinger 11:13 24 Sep 2003

I have thousands of songs on DAT (Digital Audio Tape ... remember that?) but my DAT player is getting a bit old and may stop working at any time now. Finding a new DAT player for a reasonable price now-a-days is proving impossible so I feel I ought to transer my whole collection of DAT tapes to PC and maybe convert them to MP3 or something.

I have digital inputs on my Audigy 2 and digital outputs on my DAT player.

Now the 64,000 dollar question. Is there any software that will enable me to say, start a DAT tape playing and recongnise the silence in between tracks and form a file for each individual track?

I don't really want to sit there monitoring the whole thing switching off and on for each song.

Any ideas?

  stlucia 11:26 24 Sep 2003

Try lpripper at click here

  kinger 14:14 24 Sep 2003

Thanks stlucia, will take a look.

I believe SoundForge can do the same with Sonic Foundry 5.0 but may cost more.

  kinger 20:54 07 Oct 2003

I tried both LP recorder and LP Ripper which cost just over £40.00. The recorder forms a wave file which you then use LP Ripper on to separate the file into tracks.

It does this automatically by 'listening' for gaps of silence between the songs.

Sadly it leaves several seconds of silence before each track even when you adjust the setting.

It misses far too many songs meaning one has to edit the files all over again to get it right manually.

Using their recommended add on it will save each track as a MP3 file but sadly it can only save at 128kbps and no higher.

I'm not complaining about your recommendation but just saying in case anyone else wants to try LP Ripper / Recorder.

I finally found something that does the job very well indeed...would you believe, Music Match, which I got FREE with my ipod. It records while putting the songs into MP3 files at whatever kbps setting you choose and you can sort the ID3 tags too.

Just goes to show, right under my nose.

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