.dat files

  jason.p 17:53 23 Nov 2008

Can anyone advise me how to open .dat files, as I have several sent in e-mails.
I have tried WMP, Real player and VLC. I have done a search in PC advisor previous posts, one of which suggested a conversion prog "prism"
I downloaded this but it could not open the source file.
Thanks in advance

  VoG II 17:57 23 Nov 2008
  recap 18:00 23 Nov 2008

Right click the file and select Open With then select Notepad from the drop down list or choose program option. Ensure the tick is taken out of 'Always use the selected program to Open this kind of file'.

  jason.p 19:00 23 Nov 2008

Thanks for reply Vog, I've tried the Winmaildat link and sent the file, but got the reply that there was "No file in my Winmail". I've checked the size of the file in case there was nothing there, but it's apparently 56k. I really don't know what's going on!!

  jason.p 19:03 23 Nov 2008

Thanks recap, I've tried the "open with" with all my media players. Opening with Notepad gives pages of code, so there's obviously something there. Very mysterious!

  ami 01:51 24 Nov 2008

What you need is WMDecode from click here
It's not free, but it is cheap, and just sits on the desktop as an icon which you drag and drop a .dat file onto, which is then opened.

  jason.p 20:21 25 Nov 2008

Thanks Ami. Tried to download trial version WMDecode several times, each time I get "download not complete". Don't really want to buy it unless I know it works. Thanks anyway.

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