Darned second hand laptop

  forbesholden 09:12 21 Feb 2006

Hello all,

I have just been given a laptop the is second hand from a relative. It is a Sony VAIO PCG-747. As it isnt very god (a hard drive o a whole 4Gb) i am going to upgrade it.

What i would like to know is it possible to upgrade the processor (which is currently a Pentium MMX) to something better; whether i can upgrade the hard drive to something larger; and to which Windows OS i can upgrade to (it has 98 plus at the moment and XP wouldnt go on it because it says the CD drive isnt ready.

Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks

  Diodorus Siculus 09:31 21 Feb 2006

[quote]is it possible to upgrade the processor[/quote] - No, afraid not.

[quote]whether i can upgrade the hard drive to something larger[/quote] yes, but it will have a limitation in the BIOS. Only way to be sure is to read the documentation.

[quote]and to which Windows OS i can upgrade to[/quote] - depends on the processor speed and amount of RAM - Win98SE is pretty good; win2k better.

You could upgrade the RAM.

But with laptops available from Dell for about £350 you might be better saving your money.

  Diodorus Siculus 09:32 21 Feb 2006

Inspiron 1300 1.5GHz Celeron DVDRW £339 delivered!
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  jack 10:30 21 Feb 2006

Second hand laptop - upgrade! -
Make it a third hand one and buy the new one -
its the only way.

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