Darker screen...Desktop icons all in active mode

  Duncanf 15:41 14 Feb 2005

Sorry to come back with this problem but I'm struggling. For some reason, every icon on the desktop has darkened as if all have been clicked simultaneously. The screen has gone darker as well and any lettering on screen now appears shaded in a horizontal line right across the screen from side to side. The Terminator kindly suggested to try refresh rate on my monitor with no success. I'll be grateful of any suggestions or is it a new monitor?

  Gongoozler 15:52 14 Feb 2005

Does the computer works normally other than this desktop problem? If the computer works normally, but display is degraded in all programs, then I think this is a fault in either the monitor or graphics card. Because the graphics card is 90% digital, the monitor is the more likely to have developed a fault of this kind.

  Duncanf 16:01 14 Feb 2005

Thanks for response. This the horizontal lines through the text appear on every programme....and as I type now in the white message box.

  Gongoozler 16:26 14 Feb 2005

Hi Duncanf. As I implied in my last posting, this behaviour is analogue, not digital, and therefore has to be in the final stage of the graphics card or the monitor. If it is in the graphics card, it would tend to be a coloured degradation because the graphics card handles red, green, and blue independantly. Therefore if it is not coloured, but just a brightness change, I would put my money on it being a monitor fault.

  Duncanf 18:26 14 Feb 2005

Thank you Gongoozler for your reply. It's good to be able to draw on others' help. I'll see if I can find an alternative monitor to check this out. Thanks again.

  Duncanf 12:03 23 Feb 2005

Still struggling with this screen problem. Gongoozler suggests monitor or graphics card.
Just tried other monitor and the same conditions apply. Not sure about delving into graphics card. Is it a replacement job or could it be connections?

  Gongoozler 15:39 23 Feb 2005

Hi Duncanf. It's just as well that you were able to try another monitor without spending money.

There's very little that you can repair in a graphics card beyond checking that it is seated correctly in the socket. Can you get an old graphics card to try? Even an old PCI graphics card would do to see if it cures this problem.

  Duncanf 16:21 23 Feb 2005

Thank you for reply. I have an older computer in attic that gave up the ghost through a hard drive problem. I'll have a look to see if I can recognise the graphics card in that system....I've never dealt with this area before.
Thank you again for your help.

  Gongoozler 16:33 23 Feb 2005

If you are using XP, then it is very likely to recognise even a very old graphics card. At the worst it should operate in basic 256 colour 800x600 pixel mode, so it should prove whether the other problem has gone away.

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