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  Camraom 2 06:30 06 Jul 2005

I have a Sony F828 camera which I use for a lot of high speed photography. Quite often when I use the shutter setting I can take a picture that looks okay on the camera when I review it but when it is downloaded on to the PC and view in Adobe Photoshop it is very dark. While I know how to rectify this with Photoshop I would rather know what I am doing wrong in the first place. As the subject is motorcycle racing I normally use the shutter set at 500. Any help would be appreciated.

  Derek 06:41 06 Jul 2005

click here

This is where to get great advice.
If you have any problems then come back.

  hssutton 08:50 06 Jul 2005

You say you use 1/500 sec shutter speed but you don't mention what aperture, but I will assume you are using your camera on auto. Ok, first thing you don't need such an high shutter speed, around 1/200 should suffice, but pan with the subject. However none of this should create the problem you have. If you are using PS look at the histogram display, if this peaks in the centre with an even slope left and righ, then the exposure is somewhere near correct and your monitor needs calibrating. If the peak is clumped to the left then you are under exposing in the camera.

For a better understanding of histograms click here

For a monitor calibration wizard click here click here

  LAP 09:00 06 Jul 2005

I have the same camera and although I do not use it for 'high speed' work very often. You say 'quite often' your pictures look dark, not every time then?. Is it possible that the location where you take the pictures could be the problem ie overcast. Because the more you increase the shutter speed the less light is allowed into the camera, there is no problem when it is a bright sunny day but if it is cloudy or under trees.

  LAP 09:41 06 Jul 2005

You've ticked it resolved. What was the answer? It's a learning curve! Let us know.

  GroupFC 09:49 06 Jul 2005

For reference!

  hssutton 09:51 06 Jul 2005

Lap you say "Because the more you increase the shutter speed the less light is allowed into the camera" this statement is only correct if you use manual settings. On auto, the Shutter/aperture will adjust to keep the light reaching the CCD constant.

  LAP 09:52 06 Jul 2005

For reference! to what?

  GroupFC 09:54 06 Jul 2005

What? - hssutton's useful links for when I get home tonight if you must know!

  hssutton 09:54 06 Jul 2005

Probably, with reference to the click here's

  hssutton 09:59 06 Jul 2005

If you are interested in monitor calibration software, I find the following to be one of the best freebees out there. I didn't have the address to hand when I composed my first posting
C:\Program Files\Monitor Calibration Wizard\help\panel_main.htm

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