dark laptop screen

  nicholasii 02:02 26 Jan 2009

hello there,

i am using a Dell D505 laptop, ive not changed any drivers of recent or done anything for me to think that my problem is software related

whats happening is:

windows loads normally, then after a minute or two the screen will become very dark

not totally black as i am still able to make out a very dark opaque image of the screen

can anyone shed any light on the matter?

yes, that was a joke

  ambra4 03:01 26 Jan 2009

You need to get the LCD back light replaced or the light inverter board

  nicholasii 03:27 26 Jan 2009

thanks for the quick response ambra

is there any way of telling whether its the LCD backlight or the light inverter board that needs replacing?

or is it just a case of buying both and trying each?

  ambra4 04:26 26 Jan 2009

Seeing that you can see very dark opaque image I feel it the light that bad

See if you shine a light on the screen the display will show up

  laurie53 08:03 26 Jan 2009

Have a look at your power saving options in Control Panel.

You may have inadvertently set the screen to dim after three minutes or something.

Always check the simple things first!

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 18:54 26 Jan 2009

Would have thought back light and inverters OK as you can see screen while loading.

Therefore sounds like a software setting in windows or on your graphics card set up.

  woodchip 19:03 26 Jan 2009

Before you start replacing things. Look for the fn key and one with a Sun on it This may bring the brightness up. As you can turn it up and down using the fn and one of they keys that should be at the top of keyboard fn may be bottom left of keyboard

Also check display as not gone into Power Save Mode. This will be in Control Panel under Power or Display

  nicholasii 23:48 27 Jan 2009

thansk for the help thus far everyone

ive tried through the solutions suggested but im sure, after reading similar stories on the internet, that it is the inverter that needs changing

ive looked about on the internet for dell D505 inverters and ive found this to be comparatively cheap

click here

basically, and i know i sound like an idiot, is this the inverter i need?

im just making sure ive got the right piece of hardware before i commit to purchase really

thanks again for everyones continued input

  ambra4 03:02 28 Jan 2009

It looks like the correct one for Dell Latitude D505

You first must gently remove the plastic cover that is located at the top of the laptop covering the

hinges and the power switch

Next remove the screen outer plastic case by removing the four rubber bumpers and the four

screws behind and gently, gently pry around the case to pop off the plastic cover the Inverter is

located at the bottom of the screen you would need to unsolder the old one and solder back the

new one

Make sure that the power supply and battery is removed before doing any repairs

  T0SH 08:59 28 Jan 2009

Laptop screen inverter faults can cause flickering of display or due to component failure overheating do not work at all

Your description would not indicate a faulty inverter

Could be due to a faulty display panel the data cable or the connections to the the back light tube or as suggested in answers above a software issue

Can I suggest you boot the laptop into the BIOS setup screen and leave it for maybe five minutes or so to see if the darkening occurs if it still happens then the cause is most likely hardware if not it is software or a power management setting

Cheers HC

  woodchip 19:58 28 Jan 2009

Also check to see if they need polarity the right way round. I would think it only goes in one way

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