March Wind 19:38 09 Mar 2011

I have Download Accelerator Plus on my PC. My PC is called Buddie. I deleted all that I found in this program except buddie because I was a little nervous about this with it being the name of my PC.

Today I opend up DAP to find I had a number of PC updates in the program. If I click on them they say do I want to resume update. Do you understand and can tell me what to do as my friend said it is surpoed to be empty. Makes me think I am not really updating my PC when I see it in DAP and it asks do I want to resume update

  tullie 19:41 09 Mar 2011

One solution,get rid of DAP.

  March Wind 19:51 09 Mar 2011

I was told it was a good program to use as it makes my downloads faster.

  sunnystaines 20:17 09 Mar 2011

i use the free DAP and find it ok, a bit lost as to the problem you have.

  northumbria61 23:28 09 Mar 2011

tullie - suggesting getting rid of DAP is not really a solution.

March Wind - stick with DAP it really is a good program and speeds up downloads. Anything in your "download" list you don't want just select (highlight) it and click "Clear" - you are only deleting the URL (Link)

  March Wind 12:51 10 Mar 2011

Thank you northumbria61. Yes that wasn't an answer from tullie.

I might not have made myself clear.

I have a Downloads folder in My Documents. I am (now putting all my Downloads in Downloads/F. I had saved to D/t That is where I had them go before installing.

The problem is. They are automatically going into the program its self (DAP). If I click on Programs click on DAP the box where it says Update, DAP, File Shredder. If I click on DAP there are the downloads that I have done. Some complete. PC Update says canceled. I am told it should be empty as it is only a program, not a folder. Also my PC updates said canceled, leaving me thinking I had never updated the PC.

  northumbria61 14:20 10 Mar 2011

"The problem is. They are automatically going into the program its self (DAP)"

I do this - when whatever I am downloading goes into DAP I then right click on that download and select "Open Folder" which then opens in "My Documents/My DAP downloads folder. I always then right click on the download in that folder and do a scan with AVG prior to doing any install.

  March Wind 14:41 10 Mar 2011

It is recommending Full Installation. I already have it my PC. I thought I was surposed to save it first, but then I do have it on PC. What should I do now and what about those ticks?

  March Wind 14:50 10 Mar 2011

Download goes into DAP. (as above in the link?)
R /Click on download in My DAP folder? Which I would have named myself?

  March Wind 15:05 10 Mar 2011

I have looked in my DAP the one that looks like the link above. It has dap95.exe completed. Also dap95_1 completed exe completed. This second one I have put in the bin. The ones that have been completed. If I r/click I can check for viruses. Should I do this? Stopping for a tea, I am on this 24/7 trying to sort it out. Hope to hear from you again, today if poss.

  March Wind 20:46 10 Mar 2011

I have been and clicked on Help again I decided to let speed bit be my home page as I thought this might be the only way I can get the latest version of DAP. Not knowing what the latest version is how would I know? I have v 9504.4455.0.0. If I do have the latest what am I surposed to do next. Delete the second one the one that says 95_1? or should I clear them out of the list that looks like the link above? If so have I completed what I need to do and what about the PC downloads that say they were canceled? Sorry you are my only hope. This has been going on for a long time my eyes and ears hurt through looking at the PC I wonder if you have heard of that before. Please help me complete this prob as I have more but will have to put them on hold.

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