Daniel_K audio drivers for Creative X-fi

  Esc4p3 17:26 15 Feb 2009

Hi, I had started this thread a while ago...see
click here and have since tried all variations of Creative drivers and none gives me the ideal scenario. I know there was a guy called 'Daniel_K who did some audio drivers for Creative cards (I have the X-fi Extreme Audio and Vista) and I was wondering whether anyone had tried the drivers and also where to find them.

Thanks in advance, Carl.

  sunnystaines 17:33 15 Feb 2009

latest Creative drivers are ok on audigy2 with vista

  sunnystaines 19:31 15 Feb 2009

DK drivers were a temp solution for vista sp1 till
Creative sorted some out

  Esc4p3 21:37 15 Feb 2009

I am still working on the June 07 drivers, as I cannot get the December 08 ones to install. I have uninstalled old drivers and tried everything I can think of but no luck - what I really wanted sorting was to be able to record 'what you hear', but this is not enabled for me unless I use the original drivers that came with the product. However these drivers have other problems such as not recognising the microphone and not playing music out of all speakers.

  sunnystaines 10:23 16 Feb 2009

you need the creative player for that, on same web page as the driver but a extra download.

a useful bit of software it is too.

  Esc4p3 14:13 16 Feb 2009

If you mean the Creative Mediasource Player, I have this but unless I have the 'what you hear' enabled drivers, the option to record through this source is not available.

I have since had a bit of a read through the Creative forums, I was trying to avoid that if I am honest :-) , and it seems Daniel_K is back. He has been busy writing the Windows 7 drivers for Creative, strange setup that is?

Anyway the upshot is that a) I had downloaded the wrong drivers before, thats why they would not install :-( and b) I think I have the best scenario I can hope for with this card. I just have to switch back from current fully working drivers (and the card does sound excellent by the way) or going back to a 'compromised' setup every time I want to record 'what you hear' - its bareable.

Having read through the Creative forums, I think I am a lot luckier than other X-Fi Extreme Audio users....

  Esc4p3 14:14 16 Feb 2009

Ticking resolved now, as I think there is not much more to add - don't let that put you off though ;-)

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