Dangerously hot Sony laptop charging plug.

  subaru 00:25 29 Oct 2006

My wife’s Sony Vaio PGC-9U1M, bought in June 2005 has developed a worrying fault.
The charging plug that goes into the socket on the back of the Sony has become a loose fit, so much so that it has required some skill to get it into the best charging position. I’d noticed the plug and lead were starting to feel warm, but tonight I sat over it for a couple of hours whilst it charged continuously up to about 80%, but was shocked when I pulled it out and it was very hot, soft, and contorted out of shape. It has got some white gluey stuff that has set on it that looks as though it may have come from the female laptop socket.
I’m wondering now if the heat has caused the looseness rather than the other way round.
Even if the charging worked, it can’t be used because of the potential fire hazard. I’m sure when I disconnected it the lead and plug were close to meltdown, and a short circuit could have been disastrous.
The battery was mildly warm, so it doesn’t seem to be a case of self combusting battery here.
Anyone able to explain what’s going on here? Similar experiences?
I suppose I’d better get it repaired before we go up in smoke. I’m not expecting much interest from Sony, and I have no extra warranty on it.

  phil46 00:31 29 Oct 2006

Get it looked at for your own safety as it should not be getting that hot A WARNING it is not right.

  Forum Editor 00:43 29 Oct 2006

and I strongly suggest that you report it to both the retailer from whom you bought the computer, and to Sony as a matter of urgency.

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