Danger! Emails from "Microsoft"

  polymath 19:58 21 Sep 2003

To anyone who doesn't yet know it, Microsoft does not send us emails about security patches and the like. Don't open them! Don't even preview them (or allow emails to be automatically previewed anyway). Just delete them.

I usually get about 5 emails a day, 1 or 2 of them spam or worse. Today I got 6 emails, all slightly different, all purporting to be from Microsoft, all with attachments and all taking their time to download (I dread to think what malicious code could be packed into them!)

I've never had a delivery of undiluted suspicious emails like this before - maybe the villains are particularly active just now.

  xania 20:45 21 Sep 2003

I always go to mail2web and delete any dubious e-mails at source - usually 85+% of the total received - before opening OE.

  VoG II 20:47 21 Sep 2003

This has been discussed a few times but well worth repeating (to paraphrase the Forum Editor).

  -pops- 06:32 22 Sep 2003

Until yesterday I hadn't received one of the supposed Microsoft emails. Then, in the afternoon I got one - duly stopped by MailWasher.

This morning there were over 100 of the damned things waiting in my Mailwasher tray. While writing this, another six have been caught.

  Forum Editor 07:51 22 Sep 2003

because, in the main, ordinary computer users will tend to pay heed to a message that purports to come from Microsoft....and in this case the result will be a virus infection.

To muddy the waters for a moment - Microsoft does send emails about security patches, but not normally to 'ordinary' home users. The mail is mainly sent to people who are involved in the industry, so they can pass the information to their customers. Most computer users find out about security patches via the Windows update site, which is a pretty secure way of getting patches. You can (as polymath says) safely ignore anything that comes your way by way of an email from Microsoft.

  polymath 20:03 22 Sep 2003

Yes, I use Mailwasher too. If in any doubt about deleting an email, it can be previewed more safely than after downloading. And I think it would be worth it just for being able to mark senders as 'friend' etc - once once most friends are flagged, only the others need deciding about.

  a member 20:19 22 Sep 2003

I got a mail supposedly from microsoft about ten days ago, there where no attachements ,but when i opened it the page scrolled through by itself ,absolutely loads of gobledygook, when it finished the internet conection shut down. I just rebooted and everything has been OK since. but someone else may not be so lucky.

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