dance mix cant put it on a cd... too big!!

  brge 11:26 30 May 2004

HI, i have a dance mix that id like to put to cd.
Only trouble is, the cds I own only have the capacity to hold 700mb and no more and the mix is 1.19gb.

What are my options??

Do they do higher memory cds?
Or would I have to decrease the memory size somehow?


  nyleridedog 11:32 30 May 2004

split the music on to two cd,s

  Graham ® 11:47 30 May 2004
  brge 11:47 30 May 2004


  Graham ® 12:03 30 May 2004

You would have to buy the machine!

  AndySD 12:06 30 May 2004

What program did you make the track with and what format is the file saved as...

  brge 12:18 30 May 2004

total recorder and its a wave file

graham i was replying to nyleridedog on that last message.

  Pesala 12:33 30 May 2004

WAV files are huge. Converting to MP3 should reduce it to a few hundred kbytes.

  Totally-braindead 12:35 30 May 2004

You could record the tracks as MP3s, however I'm unsure how much smaller it would make the file, it would probably fit on one cd. You can download Audiograbber from here click here and then you need to download LAME encoder as Audiograbber only encodes at a low rate and the music quality would be very poor. Convert your music to MP3s at a bitrate of 128 and then burn it onto cd. However although this would solve you problem, it depends on what you would be playing the cd back on as a lot of cd players will not read MP3s so all this may be a waste of time. Incidentely Audiograbber and the LAME encoder are both free so all it would take to try this would be a bit of time and 1 cd. Good luck

  slightlymad 15:02 30 May 2004

The simplest solution is nyleridedog's - just spread the tracks over two CDs. If I understand you correctly, you're not sure how to do this? What burning programme do you have? If it's Nero, open Smart Start and choose "Make Audio CD". The file browser is in the central pane - select your CD drive, and the tracks will show in the right-hand pane. Simply drag and drop half of them over to the left-hand pane, then burn. Repeat the procedure for the remaining tracks.

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