Dan Desktop PC- two USB controllers?

  joncuk 10:46 14 Apr 2004

I am trying to use additional USB devices and have purchased a USB extender. When I connect a card reader or viewcam to the extender I get a meassage that it is trying to draw too much power from the USB connection. The PC then recommends that I connect them to a spare USB which I do not see. In device manager there appears to be a 2ND USB controller with two spare USB sockets. I assume that this is incorrect and that the USB controller has been been installed twice. Am I safe to delete the repeat installation?

  anon1 11:04 14 Apr 2004

You should be ok. If it needs the second it should come up and tell you anyway. However there are 2 on my computer. You could try disabling one first rather than deleting it. I am assuming you are using windows xp although you failed to mention it.

  scotty 11:04 14 Apr 2004

You need to check the motherboard details but there is a good chance that your computer does have two USB controllers. The second controller can be used to provide USB ports on the front of a pc. You can get devices which fit into a spare drive bay and provide additional USB ports. These connect to USB pins (normally 2 rows of 4 or 5 pins) on the motherboard.

An alternative is to use a USB hub which has its own power supply.

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