Damsel in distress

  wringer 14:33 08 Feb 2003

Just had a weepy phone call from a very good friend in Spain who has just bought what she says is a brand new PC plus a pristine and authentic version of XP. But when she powers up she gets a fleeting glimpse of a win98 startup screen, a glimpse of jukebox and eventuaally an A prompt. Sounds like the hard drive may not be new. Changing directories in command prompt mode she has found that the c drive had only autoexec.bat and command.com on it. Over the phone I suggested she used the dos commands d: enter> or e: enter> etc followed by Dir to find first of all which is the cd rom drive and then to navigate to the stsrtup.exe file on the XP disk and boot from there. All she gets is sytax error. I have also suggested she takes her ME boot disk, installs the setup files with CD rom drive then accesses the XP startup.exe in drive E and boots. This gets an error message, This program cannot be started in DOS or sometynig similar. She hac checked the holograms on the XP disk and all appears totally correct as does the box and accompanying literature. Any ideas on what to do next?

  woodchip 14:41 08 Feb 2003

Is it an upgrade disc or full version of XP

  pj123 14:45 08 Feb 2003

you would need to go into the BIOS and set the PC to boot from the CD 1st. Looks like it is booting from floppy at the moment.
then save settings and enter.

then switch off the PC and put the CD in and reboot. then do setup from there.

  DieSse 16:42 08 Feb 2003

What to do next? ... Take it back to where she bought it, and complain, of course.

  wringer 00:28 09 Feb 2003

Woodchip,pj123 and DieSse and apologies for the delay in responding to your posts. I've just made a 300 mile round trip to take something urgent to my son at University and it is now 00.15 GMT.
To Woodchip, I have been driving for several hours this evening and your question is the one thing that kept bugging me. I now realise that I had assumed from the word go that my friend was buying a full edition since it was coming on a new computer. But if the retailer sold her an upgrade edition rather than and OEM version she must install her old O/s and install XP on top.Too late to ring Spain at this hour but I will check this point first thing in the morning.

To pj123, I asked Diane to check this point but the first part of the boot sequence happens so fast that she could not read what to presss to log into the bios setup. I suggested that she regularly pressed the delete key but that did not seem to work. In the morning I'll ask who is the bios manufacturer and see if I can work from there.

To DieSse, I think you know Spain and can understand that due to language difficulties, it may be that the retailer sold Diane an upgrade on the assumption that she would install her existing o/s and then install XP over the
top. Diane rather naively assumed that the o/s would be installed on delivery. The retailer was Millar. I thought they were ok but that is based on one or two transactions. What do you think DieSse?

Thanks all again and will update in the am.

  pj123 12:57 09 Feb 2003

Try F2 instead of Delete

  wringer 21:13 10 Feb 2003

Problem solved. Diane took the machine to the retailers. The boot sequence selected did not include the CD drive. She doesn't say how they got into the bios but it was not delete. May well be F2 as you suggested pj123.

What a fabulous forum and thanks to all you knowledgeable guys who generously share your expertise.

PS sorry for the slow reply. I been in bed with a really nasty delerious version of flu and feel like, you know what.

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