That damned Blade Runner again

  [DELETED] 13:35 09 Jan 2006

A big thank you to yo guys who tried to help me before on this topic. Unfortunately I wasn't able to see your suggestions as Blade Runner also blocked any attempt to view the page which contained the topic or allowed me to view my posts. If you guys are willing to help still perhaps you could e-mail me at [email protected]. E-bay are unable to help and the advice from Symantec didn't work. I also did a system restore back as far as I could but nothings worked yet. I can live with it but it's annoying me as I can't sell things on e-bay.

  rawprawn 13:48 09 Jan 2006

click here You only need to type blade runner into search forum to see the answer. It is not a good idea to put your email address in a thread.

  [DELETED] 14:05 09 Jan 2006

Also all help should be posted here for the benefit of everyone not just to an e-mail address.

  [DELETED] 08:53 11 Jan 2006

Thanks to al for your help - the problem I think has now been solved. Before I could not get to any page which contained the words blade runner hence my request for any help to be e-mailed to me - it was the only way at the time that I would be able to view the replies and not a matter of personal service. Rwaprawn - I couldn't type blade runner into anything because I got the intrusion message.

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