damn speakers

  thebigman1 13:58 04 May 2008

hi y,all, newbie and technophobe here, got new speakers for my pc cos lost sound from old ones, plugged them in correctly but no sound, they do work ok bit pc is telling me that nothing is connected for sound, do i need a new sound card?

  ambra4 14:09 04 May 2008

Download the audio driver for your present sound card and install

  jack 14:33 04 May 2008

Ensure the sound is enabled.
I assume you have 'on board sound'- that is the connectors are in the same panel as the USB and and keyboard and mouse sockets . If this is the care dig out the utilities disk that cane with the computer and ensure the sound system drivers are loaded.
If the sound IN/OUT/MIC sockets are elswhere on tyhe machine further down in one the the PCI slots then a separate driver to the sound card is required.
If you are still uncertain down load this
click here
and run it - it will tell what sound systmn you do have and we can take it from there

  Stuartli 14:35 04 May 2008

Check from Start>Settings>Control Panel>Sounds and Audio Devices that the Default sound for each tab is correct i.e. onboard or soundcard from the drop down menu.

You may also need to check in Device Manager that the Sound has not been Muted (in the General tab).

  thebigman1 14:54 04 May 2008

bought pc off a mate, sound worked for a while then stopped, not got anything for it, sound has been enabled from auto in bios.

  thebigman1 15:00 04 May 2008

go into sounds & devices, says (no audio devices). where is device manager and what is general tab, not up to date on all this

  wee eddie 16:28 04 May 2008

Are they plugged into the Mains and Turned on?

  thebigman1 19:05 04 May 2008

yup plugged in & turned on, but still telling me there are no audio devices, and it has on board sounds not a sound card, cant figure it out, all help is well appreciated.

  Ditch999 19:19 04 May 2008

Device Manager. Right click on My Computer > Properties > Hardware tab > Device Manager. There should be no yellow or red marks beside any devices.

  thebigman1 19:32 04 May 2008

got to device manager, no marks there, beginning to think i have a faulty plug on pc, does this mean changing full board and is that expensive and big job?

  Stuartli 19:55 04 May 2008

You do have the speakers' jack plug housed in the green surround output socket?

If you do have onboard sound and the sockets are faulty a sound card at least equivalent, if not superior, to onboard sound won't cost more than £10 to £20.

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