Damaged recovery cd

  Les53 20:55 11 Jan 2006

i have a sony pcg fx702 laptop. i need to do a complete system restore but alas cd3 of 4 cds is broken. does anybody know if the windows xp operating system is on the first 2 cds?
cd4 has utilities and drivers. Could i download a copy of cd3 from anywhere or what could be a cd3? if i insert the broken cd3 in ther drive would it read part of it. Blimey all these questions

  Les53 21:05 11 Jan 2006

the third cd is called sony product recovery cd rom vol 3 of 4 for sony pcg-fx705/pcg fx702/pcg fx701 for does anyone have one of these or know what is on this cd? it's a vaio sony laptop

  Minkey1 23:46 11 Jan 2006

We've two Sony laptops, one came with a Sony Restore CD, the other had it as a folder on the hard drive, and we were recommended to copy this to external CD's. I think 4 were required, and presumably it is the third of these that appears damaged. I don't know to what extent all are required - it seems logical that disc 1 & possibly 2 are for the system, and the others restore the pre-loaded third party software, so you might get away without 3. I take it the original restore section on the HD is not accessible, hence the need to do a complete reinstal ?

The only other option is to contact Sony for replacements but the cost would not be insignificant I fear. Ours would be no use as they are tied to the specific model, alas both different to yours.

Good luck !


  Les53 17:34 12 Jan 2006

Thanks for that Mike, i have viewed both cd1 & cd2 and you are probably right that the first 2 are systems cds. CD4 has all the utilities so cd3 could have maybe office 2003 etc. Also it did have a partition with a backup but the recovery cds were in a sealed jewel case and i assumed the were fine but alias cd3 had a crack across the cd which broke in half as i removed it from the case. If you get five minutes and could view your 3 rd cd i would be interested to hear what was on it. We had a power failure durind sp2 being installed and this plus other problems rendered the system unuseable.
Bye for now

  Minkey1 16:17 14 Jan 2006


Sorry, been away getting young'un back in Uni.I've checked our stuff, and as luck would have it, the lappy we have here was in fact supplied with a single Sony back up disc, whose contents are:

Recover OS
Install ALL apps
Install individual apps

Theres might approximate to the individual CD's you have. Unfortunately, the other lappy, for which I did the manual back up on to 4 Cd's, is with our other daughter away, so I can't check this.

As yours were in a sealed cae, it sounds as if these are original Sony discs, so you may have a case for taking this up with them, as your disc came cracked. Are you out of warranty now ?

Have you tried logging a case click here. The other alternative would be to ring them on 0870 240 2408.

Let me know how you get on.


  Les53 22:21 02 Feb 2006

Well i decided to try and see if the operating system was on the first 2 CDs. It was but the setup asked for cd3 and as a result the setup ended and left me with no operating system.

  Totally-braindead 22:51 02 Feb 2006

Did you try contacting Sony?

  Les53 22:53 02 Feb 2006

Well i tried various numbers but i thought giving my credit card details for £1.50 per minute was outrageous

  woodchip 22:55 02 Feb 2006

Is there anything on another Partition, It may be Hidden

  SG Atlantis® 22:59 02 Feb 2006

click here

try entering sony here, maybe you might be able to beat the £1.50 per minute charge using the geographical numbers.

  Wuggy 23:30 02 Feb 2006

Try contacting via this number ( 7p per minute)
They may be able to help.
e-Support Phone Nr 0870 240 2408 (0.07 GBP/min**)
Fax 0870 240 2409
Opening Hours : Monday-Friday 08:00-18:00 (local time)
I had a lok at Say No to 0870. It came up with the following number - 01635 869500. It appears to be a switch board. Try asking for Central Support or Customer Services.
Best of luck. I hope you get a sympathetic hearing.

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