Damaged laptop screen - worth/easy to repair

  georgemac © 13:06 25 Mar 2007

My niece has dropped her Acer 2410 laptop and broken the screen - the laptop still boots up OK on the bits of the screen that I can see.

It was not an expensive laptop, has a celeron processor. Any idea how much a replacement screen would cost, where to get one from and is it an easy repair.

I can easily build and repair desktops but have never attempted anything with a laptop.

Tried using the search function but got an error?

  Woolwell 14:56 25 Mar 2007

How old is it?

Back to Acer for repair is probably the best option along with an insurance claim.

  Technotiger 15:02 25 Mar 2007

Hi, click on the link "How to repair a broken laptop or notebook display"

click here

  georgemac © 09:08 26 Mar 2007

Thanks for the excellent link, I have now removed the LCD screen.

It is a 15.4" screen, with a few different labels and part numbers on it. I will get a quote from the company above for a replacement screen, does anyone know of other options, i.e screens from broken laptops?

The insurance claim was not an option, and I don't want to spend a bomb repairing a cheap laptop, because it would probably just be better buying another cheap laptop.


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