Dail-up at Windows start-up

  Digital 11:47 04 Jun 2003

Recently my PC has started to dial out as soon as Windows (98SE)starts. I can stop the actual dialling by unchecking the Automatic box but how do I find out what is causing the dial-up window to appear?

  Digital 20:25 04 Jun 2003

Thanks everyone for all the suggestions. By unchecking items in the Start Up list (Start, Run, msconfig) one by one I tracked it down to something called SystemMScvb. I had two copies of this in the Start Up list, by unchecking both I got rid of the unwanted Dial Up. Don't know what SystemMScvb is or where it came from, does anyone know?

  Digital 11:30 05 Jun 2003

Thanks Gaz 25, my virus checker hadn't been updated when this virus got in but I still don't know how it got in 'cos I haven't opened any dodgy attachments.

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