Daewoo pc needs bios update!

  GINSOAKEDGIRL 18:09 30 Sep 2003

Hi all,
I have an old daewoo pc (CT5810) with a CB649M-SI motherboard. It's got 64mb ram and a 366mhz celeron processor. It came with a 4.3gb hard drive which I recently upgraded to an IBM 20.3Gb Deskstar hard drive. Turns out the motherboard only supports up to 8.4gb. (boo hoo) Although bios is only recognising a tiny 1.99gb!! I assume my only solution is a bios flash upgrade? Scoured the net but can't find one anywhere. anyone????......cheers, Mel

  Gongoozler 19:31 30 Sep 2003

Hi Mel. There are in fact 3 possible solutions (other than a new motherboard). The first is the one you have identified. To do this you need to identify the motherboard make and model. You may be able to do this if you download and run Belarc Advisor click here. You may also be able to get a software utility from the maker of the new hard drive to enable the computer to recognise the full drive capacity, or you may be able to use a pci IDE card and plug your new hard drive into it. This card will have its own BIOS which will take over when your motherboard BIOS fails to find a hard drive.

  GINSOAKEDGIRL 19:36 30 Sep 2003

Hi Gongoozler,
thanks for your response. I've identified the make and model of the motherboard, but unfortunately it seems the manufacturers went into receivership not long after i bought it so a flash updgrade seems non existent on the net. There is a utility which i've got hold of which is produced by ibm, but i was a little wary of trying it without advice. i'll try using that then and if it doesn't work, i'll try your pci ide card solution. Thanks again for your help, i'll keep you posted! Mel

  GINSOAKEDGIRL 18:15 02 Oct 2003

Well, I can't get the IBM software to run and have had no luck finding a flash bios update for the motherboard, so i'm going to put the hard drive in this pc as a secondary drive and get a smaller one for the kids pc! Thanks for your help Gongoozler, much appreciated :-)


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