Dads laptop is so slow, what can i do

  erkmatrix 20:25 27 Aug 2008

My dad has had his laptop around a year and half, a Acer Aspire 5101AWLMi AMD Turion MK-36 1GB RAM 120GB HDD 15.4" CrystalBrite TFT Radeon Xpress 1100 Windows Vista Home Premium.

Now I haven't used it much but he moans its too slow, had a look at it and its terrible. I think we should of got it with XP and not Vista on as that must be slowing it down and I hate Vista as I don't know where half of the stuff is.

Is there anyway I can change from Vista to XP is my first question, is it a big hasse, could I use a Windows XP installation that came with my Desktop, probably a stupid question that but thought I'd ask?

secondly is there anything else I do to make it faster overall. getting onto the internet with it can take ages, it loads up too very slow.


  matthew-293741 21:01 27 Aug 2008

defo got a lack of will eat 1GB up for brekky.;..installing into a laptop...sorry ...i wouldnt have a clue but it would invalidate any warranty your dad has if you try at home!

As for changing from vista to xp....i cant see any problem with reformatting and putting your other copy onto it ...well, thats if its a spare copy..otherwise you may have some issue from MS...but as you have bought their XP and vista...i think its reasonable to use it again!...

im no expert, but thats what i would do!


  Woolwell 21:36 27 Aug 2008

The XP disc is probably OEM and for that machine only. So I doubt if you could use it with the laptop.

Up the RAM may well help. What anti-virus is he running? Have you checked the vents for dust?

  rdave13 21:38 27 Aug 2008

I certainly wouldn't use the desktop's XP disk for the laptop to reformat. It would then be an illegal installation and no updates would be had. You would also need XP drivers for motherboard etc.
Was it as slow when new? Check for malware etc. Run Ccleaner to clean temp files etc.
1 GB is a bit low but will certainly run Premium .
Defrag the drive and disable aero; click here
and disable UAC; click here

  ronalddonald 10:42 28 Aug 2008

Upgrade the Ram to 2gb for starters, give a clean up by disc defragging.

Is your dad using a dial up toconnect to internet or a broadband.

Ive been using 3 mobile broadband since january since i got fed up with aol. I would consider 3 boradband as it is fast and efficient.

Remove any silly files on to a pen drive that he doesnt use to clear up the harddrive.

Now you could run xp but like others say it could also be illegal in the sense that you have broken micorsoft rules but check with mircosoft if the vista is still slow after doing the above.

You never know microsfot may be nable to advice you.

  DJ Techz 10:55 28 Aug 2008

click here

but run disc clean up before and in the settings menu put the proccessor usage to high.

What antivirus is on the laptop and what loads up on start up???

  erkmatrix 15:21 28 Aug 2008

Hi and thanks for the replies. Yeah he has AVG as the anti virus, the free version though, but its always been slow from new, so think it will probably be the fact that Vista is draining it of memory. I'll get him another 1gb of ram if I can find a screwdriver small enough to open it up. Had a look and the screws are so tiny I will have to I think buy a special screwdriver.

I will also try the disk cleanup defrag and the other suggestions to see if theres an improvement too. If I can't get the bottom open to put in more memory I'll tell him he'll have to buy Windows XP from ACER to get the right drivers and that then.

I'll tell you how I come on, thanks again for the replies

  crosstrainer 15:29 28 Aug 2008

I still use the same model lappy, but upgraded the RAM to 2gb. (it will take 4) The extra memory really is needed to run Vista.

Your other option is to go back to XP, but I would upgrade the memory....Still a good laptop.

  tullie 15:30 28 Aug 2008

Cheaper to buy a screwdriver than an operating system.

  crosstrainer 15:34 28 Aug 2008

It's not a hard job and the cost is not bad if you do it yourself...If you don't fancy that, an Acer dealer should not charge you the earth (we don't)

click here

  crosstrainer 15:35 28 Aug 2008

Is NOT anything to do with my company, badly worded :)) Don't want to upset the FE!

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