As a dabbler (trying to keep your thread alive)

  Diemmess 18:21 21 Jul 2004

It took me (in retirement and losing gray cells) about 6 months to learn a useful amount about Access. It is a skill soon forgotten though my personal finances are still worth using my efforts for tax and other reasons..... Access has as part of it two sample databases and all that goes with them, a matter of seeing how they did it, adapting to your needs and doing likewise!

Last year I was involved in our village appraisal and produced an Access program which allowed rapid entry for data from the questionnaire which had been circulated. Accumulating all the data was one thing, publishing it from a tree dimensional array was quite another. Fortunately a real whiz-id was able to use my data in Excel and was able to produce tables for any item that was needed.

So, if you want nice print-outs and impressive reports with related tables, Access is great. I feel that it is capable of lots more clever stuff than I can manage.

To me, Excel is understood by more people (though not me!) and can always be poshed up in Word for presentation purposes.

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