DAB radio that starts up when power switched on

  eviledd1e 09:32 13 Sep 2017

Hi I need help finding a cheapish DAB radio that will come on and start playing when the power is switched on via a timer. I need a few for my bird breeding rooms, the idea is I go in there at about 08:00, but want the background noise of the radio to come on at 07:00 via a plug in timer. I had a Tesco brand radio that did it but it has now broken. I have tried a couple of different brands and they don't do it. It doesn't appear to be a "feature" built in but seems to randomly work on some brands of radio. My Pure DAB in my kitchen does it but this was £80+ so can't justify the cost.

  wee eddie 10:59 13 Sep 2017

Any DAB Alarm Clock should do the trick

  eviledd1e 11:39 13 Sep 2017

I think they only normally play for a an hour after the alarm starts, i need one that will stay on all day (that wasn't clear above) i basically need the background noise on from about 07:00 until 20:00.

  wee eddie 11:41 13 Sep 2017

Tune it to Radio 4 and you'll have the best educated budgies in Christendom!

However, you may have to keep it powered at all times to keep the clock working

  eviledd1e 11:42 13 Sep 2017

Sorry it wasn't clear but i need one that will be on all day, from about 07:00 until 20:00. Alarm clock normally play for an hour and then stop.

  wee eddie 13:24 13 Sep 2017

But then, you say that you come in at 8.00am. So you could switch the Alarm off and the Radio on

  eviledd1e 13:39 13 Sep 2017

It will be 08:00 ish, probably later on a weekend, the idea of the radio is so that i don't startle them when i go in, so if its gone off already it won't do what i need it to do.

  wee eddie 18:45 13 Sep 2017

If cost is your primary motivation. Then why not buy a cheap FM Radio which you should be able to pick up for less than a Tenner

  eviledd1e 09:01 14 Sep 2017

Thanks for your responses but i'm just looking for help with my original question, DAB radio that will come on automatically when power is switched on.

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