Dab Radio

  rawprawn 10:18 17 Dec 2008

Sorry not computers but I thought someone may be able to help.
I have just bought a DAB radio, but although it lists a lot of stations I am very restricted in what I can receive. I can get more if I hold the aerial which uses my body as an aerial I assume. Is there a way to "extend" the current aerial which is only about 2 ft long.
I live in a bad reception area for everything digital.

  Miké 10:24 17 Dec 2008

Does the radio have a socket for an external aerial? if so try one of these. click here

  Technotiger 10:26 17 Dec 2008

If you are handy with a Soldering Iron, it should be reasonably easy to add a better aerial - use co-axe cable to connect via outdoor TV aerial.

  rawprawn 10:33 17 Dec 2008

Miké, no I'm afraid not.
Hi Technotiger, again I am not handy with a soldering iron. In fact I don't own one. I wonder I I bared the end and added more wire would that help.
The DAB is a bedside radio/telephone so I don't have much room the reposition it.

  mooly 11:26 17 Dec 2008

Hi Guys,
A TV aerial isn't really suitable. It's the wrong wave band you see. DAB is on band 2, UHF TV is bands 4 and 5. Aerials are "tuned" to the intended band by the spacing and geometry of the elements and actually give a signal gain. Also DAB is vertically polarised. If you really are in a poor area, reception wise, you need a dedicated DAB aerial which is fitted vertically.

  rawprawn 11:37 17 Dec 2008

Hi mooly, it does say use the aerial vertically, but that would mean sticking it on the wallpaper and my wife would not like that.
However after what you said I have managed to pin it at an angle of about 45 degrees to the back of to headboard, and reception is now much better.
I think I will stick at that, thank you all for the input.

  mooly 16:52 17 Dec 2008

That sounds like a result then.

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