DAB Digital Radios

  originalmiscellany 12:36 26 Nov 2004

Any of you got a digital radio? I'm thinking of buying one for christmas and would be interested in peoples opinions of them, and if you know of any shops (other than standard online retailers) where I could get a reasonable one from.

  Sethhaniel 12:41 26 Nov 2004

have a DAB Audio Adaptor (793017) @£59.99 -just plugs into tha 'aux' input on you hifi

- the offer says its £29.00 - but very very small print say when bougft with any hi-fi over £129.00 - bit of a bloater -

  Sethhaniel 12:49 26 Nov 2004

Matsui Digital Radio Adapter DA-1 DAB New for November 2004

The DAB Audio Adapter, manufactered exclusively for the Dixons Group is designed for people with an existing hi-fi setup who don't want to have to buy a separate DAB tuner. This Digital Radio Adapter has two audio photo output sockets and can be plugged into your hi-fi's line input (AUX) sockets. It has an LCD preview screen for the usual digital rolling station information, comes with its own remote control, a clock and an alarm, as well as 10 preset channels for storing favourite stations. This first appeared in November 2004, in time for the Christmas market. A thin wire aerial is attached on the rear, and the unit is powered by a supplied six-volt mains adapter. We hope to bring you more on this shortly. Discuss this in our DAB forum

  Stuartli 12:54 26 Nov 2004

Before you take the plunge into DAB, you might take the following into consideration first:

click here


click here

Freeview's service is much superior on the radio stations it carries.

  originalmiscellany 13:03 26 Nov 2004

Thanks for those links - the Uk's not the best then is it when it comes to quality by any stretch of the imagination. I was thinking that as I use my radio loads - at least 4 hours in the evening and pretty much non stop at the weekends, it'd make my aural life a treat. Will think on...

  Stuartli 13:08 26 Nov 2004

As well as an ON/ITVDigital/Freeview set top box I've also got a TwinHan PCI Freeview terrestial TV card - both sound and pictures are digital (stunning TV display) as the picture signal doesn't have to be converted back to analogue to view on a TV.

You can also pick up the majority of radio stations using either/or Windows Media Player and RealPlayer - in many cases your local radio station will have a website where you can listen to the output.

  Stuartli 13:10 26 Nov 2004

The TwinHan card makes very little demand on the CPU and minimum spec is a 500MHz processor.

  peter4076 13:20 26 Nov 2004

Have got the Evoke-2 since the beginning of DAB, also a radio nut World Service, BBC7, Oneword, the list goe's on well worth the investment.

  Stuartli 13:32 26 Nov 2004

All on Freeview...:-)

My TwinHan TV card cost £53 including delivery - a set top box such as the splendid Humax T-FOX2T (something like that!) is about £90 to £100.

I've had three different terrestial digital TV boxes - an excellent Philips, an average box from Nokia and my current, first class Pioneer 210GB which was originally for the ON/ITVDigital market; it's been replaced by the DTR-1000.

  €dstowe 13:54 26 Nov 2004

I have a Goodmans DAB radio with an FM radio and CD player included. The DAB is next to useless, even though I live quite close to a digital relay station. The sound, unless the radio aerial very carefully positioned is as though the radio is being played from the bottom of a tub full of water.

I could have bought an FM radio with CD player for a fraction of the price and much better overall quality.

Test one out before you part with any money.

  Stuartli 13:57 26 Nov 2004

The British made Roberts radios, including digital models, are as good as you can get from around £20 to £150.

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