Smigga 19:49 16 Jan 2006

Can someone please help me, we have just fitted a geforce 6600 gt with a gig of ram but when playing games we get the above error code? it also says something about direct x 9.0 which we have installed but are still getting the problem

please please help!!!!

  PaulB2005 19:55 16 Jan 2006

Have you uninstalled the old Forceware drivers and installed the new ones?

Get the latest at click here

  Smigga 20:12 16 Jan 2006

im sorry im not very technical, can you explain what you mean?

  PaulB2005 20:18 16 Jan 2006

Did you replace an old card with the new one?

  woodchip 20:20 16 Jan 2006

What he means is the CD that you loaded or should have loaded, contains Drivers for the Card. Drivers as All software as bugs or is updated as a free improvement. Your Graphics card although a new Card may have been on the shelf for some time and later drivers may have been issued for the card. You better downloading and trying the latest drivers as these may cure the fault or bug as we call it in the drivers. On the link above first click on Graphics follow it through until you get to the drivers to download for your card

  Smigga 09:10 17 Jan 2006

Ok we done the above and downloaded the new display drivers, 89.something! but still no change?

the computer freezez mid game and the computer wont even let you reboot? the only way to turn the computer of is to cut the power supply!!

seems like a serious crash!! and the fact we just payed 160 quid for a gig of ram and the ge force graphics card, im a bit pissed!!

please help

  gudgulf 09:26 17 Jan 2006

You have two threads running with the same problem........this will confuse people trying to help you.Particularly since you are giving slightly different information in each thread.

Tick one as resolved and concentrate on one thread alone.

  gudgulf 10:13 17 Jan 2006


"SORRY FOR ALL THE CONFUSION the spec with the radeon 9800 and a gig is my pc, which is getting the blue screen

the ge force and 1 gig spec is my dad's computer, which keeps freezing

i should have kept these seperate but my dad wanted me to ask you guys about his computer aswell

i didnt realise it would cause this much trouble, so for that i appoligise.

i need help with both unfortunatly, so if you can get your head around which computer is which, id appreciate it!!"

It seems we have two different computers with similar faults.

  gudgulf 10:26 17 Jan 2006

Ok,there are a number of things I would try.

There are reports of 6600GTs overheating so make sure there is clear airflow through the case and if there isn't a case fan at he back fit one (I know you've just bought some).

Another thing is inadequate power supply.The 6600Gt does seem to need a powerful/high quality supply so if you know or can see the ratings on the psu itself ,post them.

If you know the computer make and model post it here.......whilst you have already updated the graphics drivers you might also need to update the motherboard chipset and soundcard drivers.

How much RAM is fitted in total?........If you have added 1GB of RAM try removing it an running with the original memory only.If the new memory is 2x 512MB sticks try using one at once.

Click on the start menu and open the Run box.Type in MSCONFIG....this will open a box with a number of tabs.Click on each in turn and look at the bottom of the box that opens.....these will show any errors with DirectX9 and you will finf tests for D3D and DirectDraw......run them.

Post back with any errors it reports.

That should keep you busy for a while.

  woodchip 16:28 17 Jan 2006

Go into Control Panel\Display\Settings\Advanced\Performance or Troubleshooting move the slider down a notch at a time this reduces Graphics Acceleration Reboot and try

  Khebab 13:36 19 Oct 2006

I have exactly the same problem.

* I went first on that website to check if my configuration was ok:

click here

I meet all the minmum requirements and the graphic card is above the recommended config.

* I've now tried 3 different driver versions:


I've used Driver Cleaner Pro before reinstalling a new driver. Nothing worked. The oldest driver (81) seems more stable.

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