D-sub 15 pin to hdmi

  scrum half 18:57 07 Dec 2011

Does anyone know where I can purchase a D-sub 15 pin to hdmi adaptor derek

  Al94 19:15 07 Dec 2011
  scrum half 19:34 07 Dec 2011

just looked at that site A194 but it states that it is not compatable for laptop to tv connection. any other suggestions would be appreciated. derek

  interzone55 20:17 07 Dec 2011

The 15-pin D-Sub is an analogue connection, but HDMI is purely digital, so a direct connection is impossible.

What you need is something like this

  scrum half 21:49 07 Dec 2011

Hi Alan14, something like what? derek

  scrum half 22:19 07 Dec 2011

Sorry Alan didnt click on the message, thanks for your advice but its a bit too pricy for me

  Forum Editor 23:06 07 Dec 2011

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  robin_x 23:25 07 Dec 2011

Does TV not have a VGA PC input? Or laptop have a DVI output? (you can get DVI HDMI adapters cheap)

Or this VGA cable (or similar) but ONLY IF your laptop graphics card supports TV Out thru VGA.

Additional 3.5mm Audio cable from laptop headphone socket may or may not be needed.

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