D and/or E drive shows as ENHANCED

  Thomo1 00:45 11 Jan 2005

Been having a few probs copying cd's using Nero.

Anyhow upshot of it is that tonight i have noticed that when i open "My Computer" either the D: or the E: will read like this:

There will be a disk icon, (even tho there is no disk in the drive) and it will have a little green medical cross on it and the name of the drive will be: ENHANCED (D:)

It started off as the D: earlier and the E: shown up correctly but now it has reversed and the E: shows up as enhanced.

Whats going on???


  JIM 00:57 11 Jan 2005

Notice your last post,did not study,what software has been install to have a little green medical cross?

  Thomo1 01:02 11 Jan 2005

none that i no of m8.

it just came up tonight after i attempted to copy a Linkin Park cd using Nero.

  JIM 01:09 11 Jan 2005

have you removed/uninstalled the drives yet from the device manager followed by reboot install.

  Thomo1 01:15 11 Jan 2005

no not yet m8 im going to do it tomorrow.

its really peeing me off now so i gotta call it a nite cuz ill just lose me rag with it and damage the lot!!! lol

How can a poxy drive and its crappy nero package be causing me so many diff probs???

Mr Dixons man is gunna have it 2mo i think if i dont wake up in a better mood than what im off to bed in!!!!

Ill be back.


  ACOLYTE 01:17 11 Jan 2005

Ok, so you try to copy a CD,music I'm guessing and it says it copies OK then wont playback in wmp as the extension is not recognized,then it says the disk isn't formated.
I think your best bet is to download this click here

Rip the music to the hard drive it rips it as Mp3
format by default,then copy this back to a disk
using Nero select Audio CD,not data CD Nero will then change the Mp3 for .cda and it should play on any CD player.

  ashdav 01:20 11 Jan 2005

is the cd just music tracks or has it got cd rom features on it? This would explain the enhanced and extension problems.

  Thomo1 13:36 11 Jan 2005

acolyte - correct!!!!!

Thats only half the problem tho!!! Some CD's DO copy ok. No errors, perfect play back, spot on.

HOWEVER others will not copy!!!! AT ALL. All i will get is the first 2 seconds of the song then it stops and then relays the first 2 seconds over and over again.

It only happens on CD's where the used read buffer in Nero dropps down to about 50% and the recorder buffer level drops down to anything form 8% to 95%.

The cd's that work, both buffer levels stay at 100%.

When the copy is going fine it says 1/3 of the way down the copying screen that Phillps PCRW5232P : lead-in. But when the buffer starts playing up it changes to: Phillips PCRW5232P : Track.

  Thomo1 13:38 11 Jan 2005

ashdav - just realised the Linkin Park cd has some special features at track number 7. So that explains that 1.

BUT REM does not its pure music and that does exactly the same.

The problems are mounting and getting progressivly worse every day.

  ACOLYTE 13:46 11 Jan 2005

The Buffer will change when it is writing a track thats when the actually burning is happening,the lead in/out is just Nero preparing the disc it doesn't actually write,you could try doing a simulation first if that fails then you should have the errors why it failed in a Nero log.This could also be the disc protection,as nero will say disc is copyrighted or somthing when it scans the disc,so again you may be better just ripping the music to hard drive then back to cd.The first 2 seconds im not to sure it may be the fade in/out time between tracks nero puts 2 seconds by default between tracks of music
you can alter this in the nero preferences.

  Thomo1 13:52 11 Jan 2005

could u please talk me through a simulation copy?? And also how to "rip" the cd to my HD as im not quite sure how to.

also eg Meatloaf is copyright protected and will not copy on my pc, however my boss has copied my cd on his cpu, he is using my old Nero v5 disk!!!

so surely that cannot be my problem???

Thankyou again m8.

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