D-Link G604T Wireless Internet Problem

  bunnyboiler 17:21 19 Sep 2005

Hi, until last week my wireless network has been working fine. I've changed nothing, but now I cannot access the internet on any other computer except the one thats hard wired to my router. The wireless network is working fine & I can still access files and printers. Once I try to connect to the internet wirelessly from another PC/Laptop I have to reboot my router to get the connection back on my hard wired PC! Anyone had this kind of problem? All four are running XP with SP2.

  Taff36 14:18 20 Sep 2005

Sorry, missed this one yesterday. I assume that this has only just happened recently and you never had the same problem before? Could it be that the problem is time related. For example when you connect to the internet wirelessly the hard wired computer is OK for a period of time and then drops the connection to the router? Just a thought.

  interzone55 14:55 20 Sep 2005

Have you just updated iTunes?

I found that after upgrading to iTunes 5 my internet was dropped, this is because iTunes installs a new service call Bonjour that messes about with DNS settings. Unless you want to use this new function go to Control Panel / Administrative settings / Services and stop the Bonjour Service.

  bunnyboiler 15:04 20 Sep 2005

I don't think it's time related! Everything was working fine till Weds last week, I came back from lunch & no internet on any of the PC's including the one connected directly to the router.

The wireless connection strength is excellent and I can access all PC's on the network including printers.

I phoned my ISP and they told me to reboot the router as there was no problem at there end. I did this and I have had no internet connection on any wireless PC since.

The strange thing is when I try to connect from one of the wireless PC's now I lose my internet connection on the wired PC and have 2 reboot to get it back again!

I'm not sure if a windows update could have affected the settings or if the router is playing up???

  bunnyboiler 15:07 20 Sep 2005

I don't have itunes, but my daughter downloaded it on her PC last week, could that be it??? Oh my daughters is one of the wireless PC's.

  bunnyboiler 15:14 20 Sep 2005

Just a thought, but if it is the iTunes, then the two could be unrelated, and just bad timing!!!

My router could have just crashed, as it's not been off for about four months. Then my daughter downloads iTunes a day or so later. iTunes then whatever it does!!! & I assume it's the same problem.

I'll uninstall the tune thing!! Will that automatically put my settings back? I did try restoring my PC's back but they wouldn’t roll back.

  Taff36 15:44 20 Sep 2005

I think you need to look at the router settings and check them all the way through as if you were setting it up from scratch. Turn off all the other computers and just use the one connected by cable. Once you have got internet access on that machine turn on each computer EXCEPT the one with iTunes and check everything works. Then turn on the suspect machine and see what happens.

Don`t forget to save all settings before you connect other machines to the router (Tools>System Commands) and reboot the router from the same admin page.

  Taff36 08:46 25 Sep 2005

Any luck with this problem or do you need some more help? If so post back.

  Taff36 08:54 25 Sep 2005

There is a problem with i-tunes and there is help on the D-Link Site, just found it by accident! Haven`t read it but see if it makes sense and post back click here=

  BigMoFoT 12:32 27 Sep 2005

configuration section of the router it gives you the status of the ADSL connection. I've had issues with this router before - sometimes won't connect the ADSL...

  Taff36 21:17 27 Sep 2005

Please don`t Hijack the thread. Post a new one and someone will get back to you.

"Configuration of the router" isn`t helpful in this case. Neither is "I've had issues with this router before ...." - either offer help for the specific problem - which we think relates to i-tunes - or concentrate on a new post.

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