D-Link G604T Firmware upgrade

  dagbladet 12:47 20 Sep 2005

I was directed to the upgrade by another forum member (taff 36). I've downloaded it but as yet have not installed it as i'm not overconfident wwith this kind of thing. Has anybody installed the upgrade and if so can you tell me what it does. Is it a straight exe file or do I have to get technical.


  Taff36 14:09 20 Sep 2005

I actually tried this firmware upgrade yesterday on yet another G604T that I bought that day. It is straightforward but it didn`t work!

I spoke to D-Link who said that I shouldn`t need it anyway - only if I was having problems which I`m not. I did ask them if it would make any difference to wireless range etc and they said no. It would only make a serious difference if for example the adsl line was dropping.

Are you still having problems?

  dagbladet 15:50 20 Sep 2005

When I initially set it up I was still waiting for my BB to be switched on so it was file and printer sharing which I was struggling with. When my BB was activated I brought the laptop downstairs to make the set up easier. The kit basically configured itself apart from the WEP which you srted out for me. The laptop is still downstairs and the kids take great delight in messageing each other when they're sitting three feet apart. Suffice to say the jury is still out on the signal strength issues I was having, though it seems that the BB signal is fast, whereas the file sharing signal is very slow, even in the same room.

  Taff36 16:30 20 Sep 2005

File sharing wirelessly is not the fastest method for sure. It`s OK for swapping a few files but if you need to backup one computers documents to another I suggest you do it whilst you`re asleep! A Connection via ethernet cable will be much quicker - does the laptop have an ethernet port for backup purposes?

I asked D-Link about your particular problem. As I suggested moving the router to another phone socket, preferably upstairs was an option. They reckon that through walls the signal will travel at least 30 feet and in "Line of sight" 10 times that. If it`s a major problem they suggested a repeater unit (Extender) which would have to be plugged in somewhere else in the house to boost the signal to inaccessible areas.

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