D-Link DSL-G604T Wireless Router & AOL

  georgemac © 15:14 16 Feb 2005

I have just purchased another of these kits click here for a friend as I have already bought 2 for other people and the kit works great.

He is going to use the router to connect to AOL broadband, and wants to be able to wirelessly connect to the router from his wi-fi enabled laptop. I am unsure whether we will connect the main pc to the router by ethernet or by using the wireless usb adapter.

I think I have seen before that there may be some settings to be changed to allow this router to work with AOL - can anyone advise.

I also assume AOL will not block more than 1 pc accessing the net?

I also have never set up a wi-fi laptop. It is one of the latest dell p4 models and came with wi-fi and xp home so any advice would be appreciated. Do I just use the wireless networking wizard? I will of course enable WEP and am familiar with this.

He will not be home until next week so will be putting it altogether then.

  georgemac © 07:14 18 Feb 2005


  FelixTCat 08:03 18 Feb 2005

First, must he use AOL - it causes more problems than any other broadband ISP?

As far as AOL is concerned, it will only see one "computer" - the router. You can set up as many computers behind this as you like.

You don't have to use the wireless networking wizard. The laptop will have management software for the wireless card. Normally, just running this will enable wireless networking. Once the router is set up, the wireless card will find the router. Just tell it to look for an infrastructure network. Centrino laptops (and possibly others) have a ardware switch to turn the wireless adapter on and off. Make sure that it is switched on.

Disable all security/encryption features until you have a working connection. Then enable firewall, WEP (or better), MAC address filtering and SSID hiding in that order.

  georgemac © 08:23 18 Feb 2005

thanks, yes he is already connected to aol, is happy with it and will be tied into a contract.

I have been searching around and found I will have to set mtu to 1400 and use pppoe with llc.

I will follow your instructions for wireless from the laptop.

  VideoSentry 08:36 18 Feb 2005

Try this
click here
But also check the AOL networking page as all the settings are there. ( It took me a couple of days to sort mine but it works well ).
Good Luck

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