d-link dsl-604+ router ..how to enable security ?

  worcesterman47 16:13 18 Dec 2007

i am getting another more updated desktop pc soon to replace this one..although my router a.. d-link dsl-604+.. is configured at the moment ( basic only i think)i am sure i have not set it up securely & want to do it properly on my new pc..also i have a laptop that uses the same router(wirelessly) so need advice to configure security options on both machines..finally my son in law who visits from egypt would like to use his laptop through my router ( if thats possible)on the odd occasion he visits..i have read a little about SSID do not really understand that..it seems i should change the actual wording SSID to something else..does that mean for instance i could/should highlight & delete SSID and could replace it for instance with something totally different ie "mydogisadog" to help with security..as you may have guessed i have not alot of idea about this...so any SIMPLE straight forward advice would be most welcome...thanks in advance

  skidzy 16:26 18 Dec 2007

This is a direct link to the PDF manual click here

You can change the SSID to anything you like,SSID is short for Service Set IDentifier.

Just follow the manual instructions to setup the security.
All connecting machines will need the encryption key to have access.

  worcesterman47 16:49 18 Dec 2007

ok, having a bit of trouble opening adobe to read pdf...in short ..where is the encryption key ? do i make one up....is it set up already somewhere or something else..sorry about this but will definately read manual ( when i can open it ) cheers again

  VideoSentry 16:54 18 Dec 2007

Do you have the latest firmware? If so go to Tools->wireless settings enable encryption then make up( BUT DON'T FORGET) a code and put it in,then save settings.

  skidzy 16:58 18 Dec 2007

Firstly try Foxit click here for your PDF reader,its quicker and leaner.

You will have to create your encryption key and this depends on what level you wish your security to be.

Some will argue what im about to say;

I run a network secured by WEP,now this is the easiest to crack but has served me fine to date.

I also use a D-Link router but a slightly different model to yours (dsl-604T)

I have the Nat firewall enabled and a software firewall in place on all machines except the Vista machine.

You firstly need to enter the routers configuration page.

Open Internet Explorer and type click here

Login = admin
Password = admin

Unless you have changed this.

You will need to look under Security and decide your level of Security.
Im not sure if your router is capable of anything above WEP.

  skidzy 17:00 18 Dec 2007

Oops forget about the Click here;
type into your address bar.

  worcesterman47 17:02 18 Dec 2007

doubt very much if i have the latest firmware...i assume i can get that from either router home or search net...but if i get and install the latest firmware..it definately will not cause any problems will it ? the rest of it is straight forward by the look of it but i do NOT want to cause ANY problems that cause me to lose my internet connection ( always been wary of installing stuff when everything seems to work ok) thanks again

  skidzy 17:23 18 Dec 2007

I would leave the firmware for now and firstly try to setup the Encryption.

If it aint broke..... dont fix it !!!

  worcesterman47 17:44 18 Dec 2007

ok then the number i have to type differs by 1 digit to the one asked to type..but thats no problem..i have accessed router page but there is no actual SECURITY level (and have looked under all the other catagories..cannot see it..i do have WIRELESS CONFIGURATION and it says the following on there...
WEP KEY FORMAT....greyed out
WEP KEY.........greyed out( but has 4 empty boxes below which i assume become active when details are entered further up page

then access control..
MAC ADDRESS = BLANK ( with option to add or delete if there was anything in there)

cheers again

  skidzy 17:59 18 Dec 2007

You need to create the wep key in the first box.
Make sure you write you code down and store in a safe place.

  cream. 18:09 18 Dec 2007

Leave the firmware alone.

All you have to do is to change the ssid, to say *worcesterman47*.

Put a password in to access the router pages.

and the minimum to enable the WEP security encyption.

This will give you a router that no one can identify the make or who's it is. i.e. the ssid

They will not be able to enter the router set up pages because you have put a password there to block it.

They will not be able to scan and connect to your router. They may be able to see it but will not have the key ( wep ) to gain access.

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