D-Link DGL4300 issue (lan port?)

  primemeat64 12:07 11 Aug 2007

Hi guys,

Firstly thank you again to those who helped me out in my previous issue.

I have a D-Link DGL4300 (gamerlounge or whatever)... I am generally really impressed with this unit although there is a problem that I cannot work out as follows:

The wireless part of it is great - no trouble

The lan ports, however do not allow my PC OR my PS3 to access my BB connection unless I turn on the router AFTER the PC/PS3...

Any Ideas would be most appreciated!

My System (roughly)

AMD 64 X2 Dual Core 4200 (2.2GHz)
2GB Ram
I think i'm just using the built in ethernet on this - it says 'SiS190 100/10 Ethernet Device'

Thanks in advance,


  howard64 19:34 11 Aug 2007

do you use a fixed IP address or let the router set them? If the latter set the IP addresses to what the router gives them by using ipconfig /all from a command prompt to find them. It could well be that your router is not sending out the invitation to join regularly enough. It may well be that the makers have a firmware update for you to download and install. I have just done that for my netgear router which now seems faster.

  primemeat64 19:47 11 Aug 2007

i've never really got to the bottom of whether to go the fixed IP route or not as I've read different schools of thought...not realy sure of benefits of either - is there a downside to static ip?

i believe i've got the latest firmware btw.

i'll give the static a go and see if that works - even though it MIGHT be a fix, should my router not be able to function equally well either way? - I paid about £90 for it FFS!

  howard64 20:36 11 Aug 2007

I always use a fixed IP address I find that progs like zone alarm prefer it.

  primemeat64 00:01 12 Aug 2007

hmn - i've tried using static IP before but completely forgotten how to set it up! - I know it's not too complicated.....................

  howard64 20:42 12 Aug 2007

right click on network places - properties - highlight your network adaptor - right click - properties - highlight tcpip - properties then put a tick in the use this ip address and tab should fill in your subset then set the gateway as the ip address of the router.

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