d-link ?

  happy dragon 12:26 28 Apr 2005

hiya all ,iam after adding a wireless keyboard and mouse and perhaps later on a printer , am i right in thinking all i need to set this up is a bluetooth adapter , i was looking at d-link usb adapter see link or can anyone recomend something better or am i totally going down the wrong route click here thanx

  Indigo 1 12:39 28 Apr 2005

A wireless key board and mouse will come complete with all you need for them to operate on your machine, if a printer has wireless capabilty then it will come complete too.

The Dlink device is for networking two PC's or connecting a mobile phone with Bluetooth to your PC.

  happy dragon 12:51 28 Apr 2005

thanx xindigo1 thought i would need to purchase something so they could talk to one another ?

  mgmcc 12:51 28 Apr 2005

There is quite a range of cordless mice/keyboards but most don't use Bluetooth, which is generally more expensive. The Bluetooth version of my Logitech cordless optical mouse, for example, was £10 more.

These Bluetooth devices would normally be supplied with a transmitter/receiver that plugs into the PC's PS/2 port so you wouldn't be buying a separate USB Bluetooth adapter. Normal "cordless" devices won't work with Bluetooth - you must use Bluetooth-specific hardware.

  happy dragon 12:59 28 Apr 2005

thanx mgmcc

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