D: Drive Still having problems!!!

  Ally 16:23 22 Oct 2003

I really need some help with this. 1. Was running XP. Used utility to try and create a partition, ended up formatting C: drive. 2. No disks for XP but OK want to install 98SE anyway. 3. Installed DOS 6.22 OK 4. Cannot get PC to recognise D: CD/DVD drive. 5. Tried all suggestions from responses to previous request for help. 5. Have tried to start from window 98 startup disk,downloaded from the net, but A: does not recognise floppy. 6. Have tried with and without DOS 6.22 installed. Still no joy. 7. Is all I want is a generic driver for my D: drive but can't fine one. 8. I know this will work because I tried to use a driver from a floppy that was from an old PC and it was recongnised, but the version was too old. 9. I'm at my wits end, I have a PC with no OS and my daughter really needs it. She's 17 but has special needs and relies on it a lot.
Thanks out there I have every confidence in you.


  mark e 16:33 22 Oct 2003

what's the make and model of the cd/dvd,type it into google and see if that will help.

  AL D. 16:53 22 Oct 2003

As you?ve discovered, DOS/Windows 9x doesn?t recognize NTFS partitions. As such if you want to remove an NTFS partition you have to resort to other means.

The easiest way to remove an NTFS partition is to use the Delpart tool (Delpart.exe), which comes with the Microsoft Windows NT 3.1 Resource Kit.

Fortunately, you can download the Windows NT 3.1 Resource Kit from the Microsoft FTP site

All you need to do is copy the Delpart.exe file to your Windows 98 System Disk and then boot your system from this disk as you normally would. Once the system boots, run the Delpart tool and follow the onscreen instructions to remove the NTFS partition. You?ll then need to reboot.
When the system restarts from the Windows 98 System Disk, run Fdisk and recreate the partition. You?ll then need to reboot again. After the system restarts from the Windows 98 System Disk, run Format and reformat the partition. Once you do, you and reinstall Windows 98 SE.

  AL D. 16:54 22 Oct 2003

or you can download the tool from here.

click here

  Brian-336451 17:16 22 Oct 2003

If your hard drive is a Maxtor, there is a very handy downloadable (sensible people already have a copy in root C:) utility.

Just copy/put floppy in A: and boot from it, it will allow you to do all the things you want.

Note for the future, I have got a small container with bootable floppies, for Win98, XP, Ghost, Partition Magic - all gleaned from BITTER mistakes.

Even when you've sorted this, it is well worth while having them.

Btw, Partition Magic bootable floppies will 'see' an NTFS drive - just in case you have them.

Good luck - we've all been there!! :-)

  choffe 17:32 22 Oct 2003

both seagate and maxtor have good tools for preparing hdd, also have you tried looking in your bios setup to see if you can set floppy as 1st boot device?
and see if your hdd is recognised as well.
i do know of programs which allow ntfs formatted hard disks to be recognised and makes them act like fat drives, but this sounds a little risky to me, type in bad sector repair into google and see what comes up, you'll find your hard drive manufacturer may have some answers as well.
and finally, check to see if you have set any peripherals to s-ata instead of p-ata this can stop hardware being recognised..
good luck and hope some of this helped.

  woodchip 17:44 22 Oct 2003

when you downloaded the Win98 start disc did you create a start disc with it or just copy it to a floppy disc. If you did it will not work, Hears how put a floppy disc in comp then double click the download to create the start floppy disc. then try restarting with it

  pj123 18:22 22 Oct 2003

Please don't put the same problem up on the Forum twice. You only need to add a response to the original thread.

  Ally 19:14 22 Oct 2003

Sorry mate I think I did it in an act of desperation!


  Ally 19:17 22 Oct 2003

Thanks everyone for your suggestions. To know there are so many ready to help means a great deal.
Problem sorted!


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