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D drive to RH side of start menu

  tonyq 15:35 06 Nov 2014

Hi all,your help needed again! I have moved some folders, Documents,Pictures,Music and Video ect to the D drive from C drive on a Vista O/S laptop.

I would like to link the folders from the D drive to the Documents Pictures, Music and Video ect on the Right hand side of the start menu. If possible.

click here

  Jollyjohn 15:53 06 Nov 2014

Have a look at this click here Easy to do, just a bit repetitive to do all folders.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 17:44 06 Nov 2014
  tonyq 18:14 06 Nov 2014

I don't think I have explained very well what I want to do I'll try again.

The folders have already been moved from "C" drive to "D" drive. What I am now wanting is click on the folders in the column on the right (with the black background) of the "Start Menu" which will take me to the folders which are now on "D" drive. As now when I click on the folders in the column on the right of the start menu they take me to folders on "C" drive.

Hope this helps,or have I made more complicated!


  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 18:35 06 Nov 2014

you have to fool windows into the fact you have moved the folders not just copied them like you seem to have done.

delete the folders from the D drive and follow the instructions post in my link.

Windows will think they are still on C where in fact they will be on D.

However there is one drawback this can badly effect if you upgrade windows say from vista to 7 with an upgrade disk, better to do a fresh install rather than an upgrade .

  tonyq 19:40 06 Nov 2014

Fruit Bat /\0/\

I did move them not copied. When I do click on the short cut on the right of the start menu it takes me to pictures with only the windows sample pictures in, which I presume is on C drive.

Think I may have found the solution. Right click on the short cut on the right of the start menu,choose,Picture Properties-Location, where you can change the folder location. I will see how it goes with the one I've change then change the rest.

  Jollyjohn 12:39 07 Nov 2014

Yes - that is what my link described. You need to repeat the actions for each folder you want to move, you can't simply relocated your User folder.

My following the steps Vista will then update the shortcuts on the menu.

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