D:\ the device is not ready

  Cesare 11:03 05 Feb 2007

ON windows 98 when I insert a disk I get the above. How can I fix this please ?

  Diemmess 11:49 05 Feb 2007

Assuming this is recent and unprovoked by any physical changes you have made, and the CD drive hasn't died! They do occasionally.

There are two places where you can expect to find the drive acknowledged.

On boot-up press delete several times before Windows starts to load so that you have the BIOS screen and make sure the drive is mentioned there along with your HD. If it doesn't show in the BIOS it has presumably become disconnected inside your box.

When Windows desktop is complete, look in Device Manager > systems > devices and see if the CD drive is listed there. Check (right click) its properties, and no warning yellow triangle.

If all these seem OK and the light comes on (if only briefly) then I suspect the drive has died.
You could still try a cleaning CD but I have never cured one with this.

  Cesare 14:10 05 Feb 2007

I have checked and it is on the BIOS & HD. On Device Manager it shows normal. The only yellow sign I found was on the Netwark Adaptors, saying Ndis driver not found. I tried to reinstall it via Update but it could not find it on the Win98 disk because the device is not accessable. I even used the lense cleaner. No change. What I found out now, was that audio CDs' are detected and play normal. Any other CDs' are not detected or accessable. I dont get it !

  Diemmess 16:48 05 Feb 2007

That is strange.
Certainly points to a software foul-up.

If this has only happened in the last day or so, you could try 98's best effort at rolling back to a previous day.

Worth trying.
Boot from cold, tapping F8 as it starts its litergy and you should reach a DOS screen with (from memory) five alternatives.
Pick the last one? "Command prompt only"

At the C:> prompt type -
scanreg /restore ......... Enter.
N.B. a space between scanreg and /

You will see alternative dates when your system last ran properly.

Highlight the latest date you can be sure of, and follow the prompts.

The computer will boot itself and hopefully back to normality with your CD drive.

  Diemmess 17:03 05 Feb 2007

You haven't said whether this is a writer as well as a reader.
Reading is part of W98... but writing requires extra software, so if you use Nero or one of the other applications for this, it could be worth uninstalling and reinstalling whatever you use.

  Cesare 07:40 06 Feb 2007

sorry for the delay in coming back to you.
I cannot do a restore point because this problem has been with me for months now. I gave up and a few days ago I had another bash at it.

Re uninstalling Nero software and reinstalling, I cant do that because when I come to reinstall I get the Access denied !! so I wont be able to intall it again, I have two, D and E. The former is a Creative CD reader that came with the PC and the later I bough extra and came with Nero Burning ROM 5.0. Both give me the same 'Access denied' but work OK when I insert a music CD. I think that I have to dump the whole lot of windows 98. I only use it as a standby for Windows XP. Thanks for your kind help.

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