Cyrix 3 to Pentium 3?

  vienna1981 00:09 13 Sep 2003

Hi I was thinking about changing my CPU(when I have enough money!) but wasn't sure which CPUs I could install into my motherboard, after checking the manual, it can take up to a Pentium 3 at 933 MHz. I currently use a Cyrix 3 at 600 MHz, which isn't too bad but was just interested as to whether it would be worth my while changing to a Pentium 3 at around 900 MHz? If so, where would I get a cheap/reasonably priced Pentium 3? Thanks in advance for all help!

  GANDALF <|:-)> 00:13 13 Sep 2003

Unless you are gaming you will notice little or no difference. If you were into gaming you would not be using either chip at those speeds ;-)))) I would fire in some extra RAM; cheaper and a more noticeable result.


  vienna1981 00:16 13 Sep 2003

I used to have 64 MB Ram and added 128MB (in order to get broadband) so now have 192 MB in total although the graphics seems to use 16 MB! I didnt notice much difference at all after adding more memory which is why I was looking to change CPU!

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