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  Taff36 22:25 07 Aug 2005

I met a couple today who are emigrating to Cyprus to work. One in an English school as a teacher in Larnaca. They both use the internet and they were wondering if anyone who lives out there knows and could recommend an ISP. They would be intersted in Broadband at home for SKYPE too.

Are there any compatibility problems with modems for example? Also how easy is it to obtain computer equipment out there and what are the prices like for spares, consumables such as inks etc. I have seen threads from Cyprus but I can`t find them now. Any help and advice would be appreciated - I`ll pass it all on. Thanks in anticipation.

  Taff36 16:31 08 Aug 2005


  kyprosman 19:39 08 Aug 2005

Have a look in here click here these might help, if you ask question there you'll have to join hope it helps....Andy

  ayrmail 20:31 08 Aug 2005

click here

yellow pages

  Taff36 07:53 09 Aug 2005

Thanks for those - Keep them coming - I`m out for the day but will check back later.

  anchor 08:59 09 Aug 2005

There was a posting from someone in Cyprus here:

click here

You could send them a message.

  slimbo51 09:14 09 Aug 2005

I far as I know up to last year there was only Cyternet available out there.

There system seems fairly ok, having built and installed alot of comps out there over the last 5 years.

  slimbo51 09:17 09 Aug 2005

Sorry spelt wrong should be "Cytanet"

  Taff36 10:41 10 Aug 2005

I think this is still the case and it seems to be a government thing. Other operators offer different services but, just like BT a decade ago, Cytanet seem to have it wrapped up in Cyprus. Anchor - thanks for that link.

  anchor 15:38 10 Aug 2005

click here

Most of the links are in English.

  mike1967 15:56 10 Aug 2005

I used spidernet when I lived there very good provider, and the technical support was excellent and they had english speakers as well

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