cylic redundancy

  wadjic 16:45 19 Dec 2005

got a disc copies to last 2 seconds comes
up cylic redundancy check
frustrating its the last 2 seconds any advice
most appreciated
ps my copy is legal
cheers wadjic

  SANTOS7 16:49 19 Dec 2005

There are plenty of technical resources on the Web that discuss cyclic redundancy checks (CRCs). Most times you won't need to worry about this technobabble. That is, until one it day it suddenly appears and you think - what the hell does that mean? In simple terms, a CRC is bit of mathematics used to ensure that your data is OK when being transfered. It's a checking procedure that quickly identifies when data has been damaged. If you get this message, it means that the file being read by your PC or software is corrupted. However, it does not mean all the data is lost forever. When data is transfered, it is usually in small blocks and each block is given a CRC value. If something goes wrong with the data between the time it leaves the source and arrives at its destination, the CRC sent at the source will no longer match the one that is calculated when the data arrives - this is when the cyclic redundancy check error will appear.
The most common times you will see the cyclic redundancy check error message is when trying to read data from a damaged CD or DVD. Just before it appears, your CD/DVD drive will probably grind and whirl away - your PC may also become a little slugglish.

  €dstowe 16:49 19 Dec 2005

Cyclic redundancy checks are an indication that the optical reader has failed to read the disk. This is often accompanied by a grinding noise from the CD/DVD reader.

It is a property of the disk being read and there is nothing you can do to over-ride it. It may even be a form of copy protection coming into operation.

  Devil Fish 16:51 19 Dec 2005

cylic redundancy check can be caused by a damaged or dirty disk there is also the outside possibility the optical device could be faulty

  mole44 17:00 19 Dec 2005

had crc myself,it only came to light when i was using ghost for the first time to backup my hard drive.phoned my computer supplier (machine under warranty) to explain the problem,the hard drive was making a grinding noise as well.hey preato evesham replaced the hard drive,well done evesham 5 stars for a great service.

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