Cyclone 2 HELP! please

  Uboat 13:15 23 Jun 2010

Hiya ive just bought a Cyclone 2 Hard drive with built in Media Player, it has 1TB of storage & ive transfered thousands of songs too it in MP3 format BUT when i plug it into the TV it only shows up 104 songs.? whats stranger still is the very same drive when plugged into the pc shows all 2000 songs.? why is this please.?

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  gengiscant 14:22 23 Jun 2010

Having a quick look at the manual,did you format the drive using the JMformat utility that seemingly comes on the disc? daft question but got to start somewhere.

  Uboat 14:25 23 Jun 2010

gengiscant hi thankx for the reply, when i got the Hd i didnt think i needed to format it? i used "dBpoweramp Batch Converter" becuse they was all in Mpeg format, is there a better converted becuse i could try that.?
when i got it i hooked it all upto my pc then transfered the music..strange how they only show 104 tracks on the tv BUT on the PC show all of them.?

  gengiscant 15:04 23 Jun 2010

You could try and convert a couple of the tacks that are not showing using some other software see if they show up on the cyclone and post back.

  Uboat 15:27 23 Jun 2010

yeah good idea il try that! dont suppose u know of any decent program's to do this .?

  gengiscant 17:03 23 Jun 2010

I have never had the need for one so I don't know of any to recommend,sorry.

  Uboat 20:31 23 Jun 2010

gengiscant thats ok ty for your time!

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