CyberView X slide scanner problem

  telkell 17:38 12 Jul 2005

Having recently bought a new state of the art (to me!) new PC. I had changed over from 98SE to XP.
I had some minor teething problems , but soon overcame them all and have been delighted with the new smooth power and capacity and speed of everything.... apart from the fact that I can't get the PC to recognize my slide scanner. It worked on my 98SE and the driver is supposed to support XP also. I've tried all sorts, but finally have to turn to Helproom that has solved 99% of my troubles in the past! Help!

  Completealias 17:45 12 Jul 2005

Chances are its the driver being incompatable have you had a look on the web for a more recent driver.

  pj123 17:45 12 Jul 2005

What is your slide scanner?

  telkell 19:33 12 Jul 2005

The scanner is Primefilm 1800 U

  BT 09:19 13 Jul 2005

Download the latest scanner driver from click here. It works, I just did it this week.I have the Primefilm 1800u scanner.

  telkell 17:33 13 Jul 2005

I followed BT's advice and it looked promising, but in the end I still get the message --"Unable to communicate with film scanner. Try...check cables, power source etc...." ***
It doesn't even show up in " Control Panel/Scanners and Cameras"
It appears in the start menu, but clicking it only produces the message above ***.
I am doing something stupid, so any more suggestion?

  BT 08:56 14 Jul 2005

I find I have to access it from WITHIN an application. It works for me from PS Elements, PaintShop Pro, and even Irfanview.

  telkell 15:32 14 Jul 2005

Thanks , BT. You have certainly focussed me in the right direction. I have had some signs of life via PaintShopPro, but still finish up with the same...."Unable to communicate..." message.
The strange thing is that just as that message goes off screen there is a momentary appearance of what is clearly the opening page for the scanner! If I could only hold it!
I am sure that the scanner is in good nick, although I had it for about 15 months,I never had time to get down to use it, but I did set it up on my 98SE to check that it worked properly -- and it did. So it is very frustrating that I can't get at it now I have some time and a new PC! Thank you for your efforts.

  telkell 20:21 16 Jul 2005

BT , and others, are you still there?
In Adobe PhotoShop Album I managed to get things moving and apparently doing what was necessary.
I had a colour negative in the scanner, but all it produced on the screen was a darkish brown image of vertical lines! Am I gettinfg close?

  BT 09:49 17 Jul 2005

What does strike me is that you say you are using Cyberview X with your Primefilm 1800u scanner. When I bought mine (it was from Jessops in ther own box but PrimeFilm inside) it came with Cyberview 32u as the scanner driver and worked fine on Windows Me. When I got my new computer with XP Service Pack 2 preloaded it wouldn't work until I downloaded the upgrade to Cyberview 32u. I assume that Cyberview X came with your scanner and worked OK on your old system. The Scanace website isn't too clear about which versions work with which scanners but if you look at the different scanners listed it seems that Cyberview X is listed for most of them but X AND 32u are listed for the 1800u. I haven't tried the Cyberview X but the 32u certainly works on my system.

  BT 09:54 17 Jul 2005

It has just struck me that there may be a communication problem. Is the USB port OK, its worth trying a different socket if you have one. Have you had any problems with other USB devices, as its a new computer there could a fault

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