cyberlink powerdvd8 and windows media player

  Kingfisher 13:50 11 Dec 2008

have just upgraded to power dvd8 but it has hijacked autoplay for windows media player and cyberlink audio player starts when I insert an audio cd, cyberlink tell me that this is how ther product is configured abd cannot be changed, is there anyone out there who knows if it can be changed, so I can make windows media player my default. I can manually select wmp and it will run and play the cd's ok,
any help would be appreciated

  Kingfisher 13:51 11 Dec 2008

sorry forgot to say my os is win xp sp3 thanks

  PO79 14:12 11 Dec 2008

Open WMP, go to Tools\Options\File Types choose which files you want WMP to be the default player for, click apply.

  Stuartli 14:59 11 Dec 2008

Go to Start>Set Program Access and Defaults - configure it for WMP to be the Default.

  Kingfisher 18:46 11 Dec 2008

tried all these options but still opens up with power dvdplayer reckon I have got to accept this, thank you both for your comments, will leave unticked for a while

  Stuartli 18:48 11 Dec 2008

Interesting. I have PowerDVD5 and it's never conflicted with WMP 9, 10 or currently 11.

  Kingfisher 20:07 11 Dec 2008

Hi Stuartli Yes I had power dvd6 and it was not a problem, but cyberlink's support say that power dvd 8 defaults to their own player, have looked in the registry for anything obvious but no joy

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