Cyberlink Power DVD 10 ultra and Blu-Ray

  tigertop2 14:23 26 May 2010

Has anyone managed to get Blu-Ray DVDs playing using Cyberlink Power DVD 10 Ultra and a Samsung 2233 120MHz monitor.? The monitor is used for Nvidia 3D viewing and works perfectly in 3D for Flight Sim and other games. However it refuses to play Blu-Ray DVDs but is OK on standard DVDs.

Nvidia appear to have no answer to my queries to them on this one despite them having checked all my drivers are fully up to date on all hardware and having had a copy of my PC diagnostics log. I have tried forums world wide and nobody seems to have answer . So far I have not found anyone who can get Blu -Ray playback on this set up

  tigertop2 10:31 30 May 2010

Well the problem is not solved yet but I do have a possible answer
Following much fairly unproductive correspondence with Cyberlink I decided to test the same PC on a Benq G2220HD screen. This uses a normal single DVI cable unlike the Samsung 2233 monitor which uses the special dual input cable designed for 3D running at 120HZ

Blu-Ray worked perfectly so, I strogly suspect Cyberlink Power DVD 10 Ultra is NOT yet Blu-Ray compatible with the Samsung 2233 3D ready monitor. I have asked Cyberlink to consider a patch to allow Blu-Ray to work but my gut feel is they will leave the problem alone until the Mark2 3D software is released later this year. This may or may not solve the problem. If anyone has 10 Ultra working with a Samsung 2233 3D monitor I would be grateful to learn how this was achieved!

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