Cyberhawk from Novatix

  dogbreath1 06:39 20 Sep 2006

click here

I'm sure that I've seen a reference to this app. on here, but a search returned nothing.

I've just tried it out over the last week or so.

It appeared to slow down my machine at an increasing rate as time went on. Might have been a conflict with another app....but it had to go.

My experience of removing it wasn't good. Judging by the rating given by users on their home page, they weren't impressed either!

Windows XP/2003
1) click Start
2) Control Panel
3) Add or Remove Programs
4) select Cyberhawk
5) click Remove
6) click 'Yes' to remove
7) Reboot Computer

Rating: Rating of 2 Stars (out of five) ( 21 Votes)

In fact, even after following the above, Cyberhawk still relaunched on reboot.

Many of the Cyberhawk files resisted final removal. 'Remove on Reboot' and a sweep with Registry Mechanic seemed to do the trick.

My machine is running fast again.

Draw your own conclusions about this app., but if you install it, I would expect it to give you problems.

Any other experience of Cyberhawk would be welcome.

  Belatucadrus 11:38 20 Sep 2006

Got it test running on one networked machine, where it seems to be doing the job without any problems. I had it on another, but it had a dial up Internet connection and Cyberhawk would keep trying to dial back home to check for updates. The only way to stop it was to turn off the update facility and as it has no manual update option this seemed counter-productive. In this case removal wasn't problematic and didn't leave any registry junk.
So while it's got a few design idiosyncrasies that I don't like, I've not found it problematic and I suspect that your app conflict theory is correct.
Reading the site is odd as they seem in one breath to suggest it's superior to other more traditional signature based AV programs, Yet the FAQ page says:-

Since no single application is currently foolproof, Novatix believes that a layered defense provides the most complete protection. Cyberhawk is the perfect complement to your existing antivirus, and will protect you between antivirus updates. It is fully compatible with traditional antivirus programs, and can run side-by-side with these programs without conflict. While the traditional programs will protect only against known threats included in their signatures, Cyberhawk goes beyond and protects against new or unknown zero-day threats as well.

Which makes it look as if they're hedging their bets.
I think it's an interesting product, but will be fascinated to see if it gets tested by ICSA or VirusBulletin, as anonymous customer testimonials are a pretty lousy reason to use a product. I will keep the test set-up running and watch for other more informed opinions than my own.

  gudgulf 11:54 20 Sep 2006

I tried it too......after it was mentioned in a thread on this forum.

Like dogbreath1 I found it slowed my computer to a crawl and had to go.

Interesting concept........though I think that the PrevX solution is better,not that I use that one either.

I find like so many others on this Forum that a combination of av/firewall/SpywareBlaster/Windows defender plus a couple of "run on demand scanners" as backup is more than adequate.

  Belatucadrus 11:29 22 Sep 2006

click here Here's a link to PrevX1 as mentioned in gudgulfs post. I tried a previous version of PrevX and found it intrusive as any attempt to install new software resulted in half a dozen popup windows checking for authorisation.
I'm downloading this newer version and I'll give it a try.

  LABMAN 20:25 22 Sep 2006

I've been running Cyberhawk on my PC, my sons PC and my wifes laptop for the past few months with no problems on any of them, only one little complaint is a pop up window now and again asking you for a quick survey on how it's performing.

  DieSse 00:09 23 Sep 2006

I've been running it for a couple of months. It slows the first start of Firefox a little (was warned about this). Otherwise it's behaved well, and blocked a couple of things (that needed to run, but it was wise to question them).

It was updated a couple of weeks past - update went fine - no problems.

I ran a test that the Comodo firewall site gives out to show Comodo blocks things other firewalls let through. Cyberhawk detected the intrusion attempt - which chows it was doing what it should do.

  DieSse 00:15 23 Sep 2006

If Cyberhawk say this

"While the traditional programs will protect only against known threats included in their signatures, Cyberhawk goes beyond and protects against new or unknown zero-day threats as well."

Then they're not telling the truth. In fact AVs with good heuristics do stop viruses without signatures. NOD32 was tested in this repect by the Virus Bulletin, and found to block many more zero-day threats than other leading packages click here

Still Cyberhawk is free, and belt and braces for me, where it causes no problems.

  DieSse 00:19 23 Sep 2006

*by the Virus Bulletin,* - sorry - by others, see the link.

  gudgulf 01:13 23 Sep 2006

I wonder what it is on my pc that caused it to slow to a crawl......bearing in mind I have just totally reformatted the drive and reinstalled.

Clearly one of my running programs is conflicting.

Incidentally Belatucadrus I agree about the first incarnation of drove me mad with it's incessant warnings.The latest version was much better,but to be honest I've not had any significant malware for at least two years without adding a product such as PrevX or Cyberhawk.

Currently trialing the Comodo Beta AV (along with Firewall)....seems to be ok up to now.

  dogbreath1 10:36 23 Sep 2006

Agreed about PrevX. I used it for many months and in the end, the pop-ups beat me into submission!

Can't be sure about the cause of my Cyberhawk conflicy either...although I suspect that Windowscare was a prime candidate.

  dogbreath1 10:47 23 Sep 2006

I've since removed three installations of Cyberhawk without problem. The only thing thet I did differently was to disable two Cyberhawk running processes (one was CHTray) in Task Manager prior to uninstallation.

A sweep with Registry Mechanic seems to show that a relatively clean uninstallation is achievable.

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