CyberGhost VPN worth using

  iqs 22:07 06 Mar 2009


My neighbor asked me what benefit he would gain from using the software.

Will it make him invisible over the net,can his IP be traced back to him,and more importantly dose the company who created CyberGhost keep records of the sites he will visit.

The last question is the most important.

He is convinced that the spam/adware he receives offering him the latest deals and bargains is due to either his ISP or the sites he visits giving/selling the info the others???.

Any help with these questions will be of great help to him.

Thank you

  MAJ 22:39 06 Mar 2009

You're probably sick listening to me by now, iqs, but while you're waiting for someone else to come along.....

He can't be traced by his IP address directly. The IP address can be traced back to show who his ISP is, but that's it. His ISP would need to be contacted to find out who he is and that would take a court order.

Sites do drop cookies on your computer, they're helpful most of the time, they let the site know that you have visited before and can throw up your preferences. They can be used by the site to target ads at you online, but they can't send you email unless they have your email address.

I've never used CyberGhost, so can't say whether they keep records or not, though it wouldn't surprise me if they do.

  iqs 09:28 07 Mar 2009


"You're probably sick listening to me by now"

Never,I appreciate how I can always count on you to assist with my many,many questions.

Most of what you state I mentioned to my neighbor when he first asked,but because I'm still learning,I thought it best to confirm with the PC Gurus out there.

Personally I wouldn't use CyberGhost,but he is after some extra security while on-line.

I will pass on your comments,hopefully he will trust what I said,and be reassured by your confirmation.

Thank you MAJ

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