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Ihave transferred from ME to XP about six weeks agoa and have had nothing but problems. My guy reformatted the drive on Tuesday but I am having problems installing my scanner and another programme. I get the message above as System file is not suitable for running MS-DOS and Microsoft Windows applications. Choose close/ignore so I can't install these two programmes which were working prior to formatt. I've found that anything I save to floppy etc refuses to open. :*(I've also tried downloading patches but it gets half way through and won't install but when I go to cancel installation after about an hour (should be 21 minutes) the message 'by clicking ok will move away from this download page'?

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are your scanner and another programme Win xp compatible?

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I don't know Jim...I'm the original Windows dummy. How do I find that out please?

  [DELETED] 21:24 01 Nov 2003

tell us the make and model number of your scanner.

Any info on what other programs you are having trouble with, name off, discription etc.

When you say "I've found that anything I save to floppy etc refuses to open." is that old info on floppy from win/Me or what you have saved since using win/xp.

What file system did he chose when formatting your drive. NTFS or fat 32.(if you right click on my computer icon select properties it would tell you)

Have you installed win/xp from a upgrade CD or a full version CD.?

A lota questions i know but will "try" to see what or if, we can come up with a answer.

Does look as though you have to many problems from a clean install.

Original Windows dummy! No such thing Miss,not if this forum cant help you. :)

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To begin with there are certain things that can be done to edit the CONFIG.NT file to allow certain programs to run properly.

Changing the end value from Lines=40 (which is the default setting) to Lines=75 or Lines=80 can work wonders with certain applications but I don't recommend or suggest you try this hack.

Most MS-DOS applications will not run at all well under Windows XP without some interesting jiggery pokery. DOS programs are not really what XP was meant to run.

You say that you are having trouble with your scanner and another program.

To echo JIM above, if you supply the make and model number/type of your scanner one of us will look into its compatibility with XP for you.

If you also supply the name of the other program you are having trouble with, one of us may be able to come up with a fix for you.

The more information you can give, the greater the likelihood of a fix.



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I've got a Genius Vivid3x scanner/HP670c printer. I've a subliminals programme which won't work either.
I had a partition drive which my neph set up for me to enable me to move all my personal stuff over from ME. I also have the E drive from that so I have 3. I was on NTFS on C...Fat32 D/E but my comp guy changed the D to NTFS and left the E (old ME Drive) as Fat 32...because I'm only putting pictures etc on that one. The floppy's are new and old pics...but the old ones from ME don't open so I've lost a lot of stuff there as well. :*( My neph cannot get into remote with me otherwise he would have sorted it...but something seems to be stopping both of us even though I've turned off my firewall but that's not an important one at the moment. With the pre formatted floppy's which I bought last week they keep telling me to format then when I say yes it won't let me...

  [DELETED] 09:37 02 Nov 2003

OK, your scanner is Windows XP compatible.

You can download the correct drivers for it from this page:

click here

The direct links to the driver and setup instructions on that site are:

click here


click here

For your printer, go to the Hewlett Packard UK site:

click here

Click the link for drivers, click on HP and not Compaq and search for your printer model. There is an XP driver download available for it.

Your PCs inability to 'read' the data that used to be on your Windows ME setup could be down to several things.

1. Do you have a program installed that can open the files you are trying to open ?

2. When the Windows ME data files were copied over to the partition, were any of them tested to make certain they had copied safely or did setup of XP proceed without this check ?

3. When your computer guy set the system up, did he create an Administrator level user account in XP for you or is your account a limited user account.

The reason I ask this is because there are certain things you can do with XP that makes files and folders private to some users but fully accessible to others.

So, in short the good news is that your printer and scanner are both XP compatible and the drivers may be downloaded for them from the above links.

I need to know what the 'subliminals programme' is before I can try and offer some kind of fix.

If you can't format floppy disks, you may just have a damaged floppy drive. Hardware can fail at any time and if you are unable to open disks, read from them or format new ones, you could well have a dead or dying floppy drive. If it gives you any specific errors can you type them in here word for word as these can often be indicative of the actual problem.

In the short term you could take your old floppies to w willing friend, read and copy everything from them onto their PC and burn everything to one or more Cd's if they have a CD Writer. That way you are sure you have backup copies of your data, since floppy disks can die at an alarming rate too.

It wouldn't really have made any difference whether or not your your E: partition had been changed to NTFS. You can alter the file system for use under Windows XP with little risk to the data on the disk/partition and it remains readable to XP.

If your floppy drive is generating any onscreen errors, please let us know what they are, or if the drive is just sitting there doing nothing, tell us that too. The name of that other program will also help one of come up with a fix for you.

Hope this helps a bit.



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When your computer guy installed Windows XP did he run an upgrade install to Windows ME or a clean install ?

  [DELETED] 10:02 02 Nov 2003

was just about to post links about scanner/printer.Same info with an opinion, but our friend Taran has it well covered overall, with a much better understanding of your problem.

I will still be around,but in your case i would follow Taran as to many answers from others may confuse you at this time.

  [DELETED] 14:54 02 Nov 2003

Thanks all..I'm getting there. LOL I have downloaded AOL image support so the photos seem okay but old faves and pfc don't want to know. I get 'Action canceled' You are downloading a file Favourite places.pfc from d:\. Would you like to open or save'.When I click open all I get is the above 'Action canceled'never did understand that and I have several disks from yesteryear just sitting there as I don't know what to do with them. With regard to the subliminals it's a programme I downloaded some time ago and bought the full copy which they give you a key and they are yours forever. I saved them to CD and they worked okay before but now I get the above message each time I try to put them back in I've asked Peter Clayton the boss for a new key but it says on the site for XP go back and re install the old one then give him the key but I can't get any further than the above message. They are at infinn.com self help subliminals and the third one down. I'm now going back to try the instructions I was given before and once again thank you all...I'm impressed. :*)

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When your computer guy installed Windows XP did he run an upgrade install to Windows ME or a clean install ?

Sorry Taran forgot about this one..can't really answer this until I get hold of my man but he added the ME (E) drive to the existing C/D partition effectively giving me more space (2 drives) which is great as I didn't know he would do that. XP was already installed by my nephew when he built the comp for me this year so further than that I can't add at the moment.:)

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