ShanghaiDave 12:00 06 Jul 2004

Can anyone help me get rid of this? When my xp home system starts up this always loads with the valid c:/windows/system32/services.exe file. I have a program called bazooka and this says the windows directory services.exe is in fact spyware. However when I go their website (the program doesn't offer automatic removal) it says to remove the file boot in safe mode then delete it. I have done this with system restore off, but each time it reappears. If left the file tries to access brinkster.net which I have blocked but none of the other spyware programs seem to even recognise its their. However as a temporary measure I am able to kill the process using spybot (the file cannot be killed using ctrl alt and delete) windows seems to think it is the proper services.exe However both serivces.exe are running. Any ideas on how to remove the spyware/virus? Using Norton antivirus 2004 as well and that’s up-to-date but doesn't recognise it even when I just scan the individual file.

  VoG II 12:13 06 Jul 2004

click here

Try running CWShredder click here

  ShanghaiDave 12:32 06 Jul 2004

Thanks but the program just said that nothing was infected. Also you seemed to misunderstand what I wrote. I haven't got a folder in my windows directory, just a file called services.exe as the first link you gave me seemed to be going on about c:/windows/services/etc which I don't have on my system. Just a file called services.exe in my windows directory which tries to access the internet. However there must be registry keys or something on my system as the file keeps returning each time but I have done a search for services.exe and the only other one there is on my system is the official Microsoft one in windows/system32.

This is the page the spyware scanner gives me however the manual removal instructions do not work.

click here

  VoG II 12:56 06 Jul 2004

Start, Run, type in


and click OK. Look for services.exe on the Startup tab. If found, Untick it, click OK and restart.

  ShanghaiDave 15:14 06 Jul 2004

Nah, I've done all the obvious ones like that, I've tried ms config and there is nothing there related to services.exe I have also looked under the services in the control panel and I cannot find it running there as a service either. I have tried looking and my startup items in spybot as well and it does not show there. Thus I have no idea why it is loading. I have also tried various different spyware packages last weekend but none of them seem to recognise it but I can confirm it is as my firewall log shows it is trying to access the internet. As a temporary measure I kill the program with spybot but even if I delete it using a program such as east tec eraser which completely wipes it out of the computer memory so it can not be recovered unlike standard deleting but the program just comes back each time I restart my laptop.

  ShanghaiDave 16:01 06 Jul 2004

Well, seeing as everyone always complains about norton I though I'd try avg as everyone seems to think its brilliant (I have to disagree after using it) but anyhow it found nothing either. So I am guessing this is a spyware problem over a virus if two virus packages found nothing. Anyone else got any ideas?

  Nellie2 19:07 06 Jul 2004

You could try an online virus scan click here or click here

  ShanghaiDave 19:12 06 Jul 2004

Thanks, but tried it before when I first found the problem. I've had it for about two weeks now and ad-aware has had several upadtes since then and I think its appaling that they have included it yet considering some people pay for that program.

  ShanghaiDave 19:13 06 Jul 2004

^ have not included it

  Nellie2 21:24 06 Jul 2004

Well have a look at this site

click here

Follow the instructions and post a hijack log, you may find that it takes two posts as there is an 800word limit here. But please post all of the log as it is important

  Nellie2 21:26 06 Jul 2004

Sorry, I got the link slightly wrong!! Try this click here

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