IClaudio 18:08 02 Dec 2003

The navigation buttons are in a completely different order to the accompanying text, and I hate the Times Roman font (tho' it may work for others...),

What's the point of the randomly-changing graphics? And, as The GnoMe said, you should be a bit more creative with your logo.

On the CV page, I'm not sure (thinking as a prospective client) what I'm supposed to do... if I supply you with all the info as requested, why not should I not just compose the CV myself (I already have done!)and save some money. You do charge, don't you, you don't mention rates anywhere, I think.

As for the 'Database' section, this doesn't make any sense to me, business-wise or English-wise, sorry!

Same for the Spreadsheet section - what exactly are you offering here? And why does the phrase 'No obligation, fully functional and very practical' lead to an e-mail form?

The new site is very much better than the first, but I think you need to ask yourself what you're trying to achieve. I've been struggling with Excel for a few weeks and would love to see a really useful resource site to help me get the most from Excel - for example, a few weeks ago, I wanted to print the formulae in each cell of a sheet, never did manage to find out how to do it! From offering well-designed advice, you could then go on to offer your services for 'bespoke' spreadsheet solutions for those of us who are simply too busy to compose our own.

Good luck with it!

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