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  Dark Mantis 08:50 23 Mar 2010

I have just built a i7 920/Gigabyte GA-X58A-UD7/Corsair Dominator DDR3 3x 2Gb sticks/Sapphire 4890 2Gb graphics card/Zalman 750 Heatpipe PSU. I have tried a 256Gb Corsair SSD and a SATA hard drive.
Every time I try and install Windows 7 I get so far and then the computer just cuts out (usually reboots) I have plenty of cooling and the processor is running around 45degrees with stock cooler ( I am going to watercool as soon as stable). Any ideas welcome.
Dark Mantis

  gengiscant 10:53 23 Mar 2010

As a builder myself, this is the fun part getting your build to work.
My last build completed last November gave me all sorts of problems, one similar to yours. Eventually I tracked it down to a compatibility issue with the ram. Have you checked the QVL here,
click here
Have you run memtest?
I expect you have done both of my suggestions, so post if you have and we can look elsewhere.

  retep888 13:59 23 Mar 2010

If there are 2x 4pins 12V ATX on the motherboard, you have to connect up both.

And what colour of RAM slot did you put in, sometimes the Mobo is fussy about it, in your case it should be the white instead of the blue slots.

  Dark Mantis 16:11 23 Mar 2010

Well I 've just put it all back together after re-doing all the wiring and no difference!

retep888 all the cables are attached(triple checked!) and the ram modules are in the white slots(1,3&5). The bios picked up the memories' XMP and loaded that quite happily. I tried some other Corsair DDR3 1333 but they didn't make any difference either. Running the very latest bios now.

gengiscant I am certainly having loads of fun! My last build was an Asus P5Q3 D/[email protected] with a Core 2 Quad and I had a few teething problems with that. Again that was down to ram incompatibilities - just didn't like OCZ. The Corsair Dominator TR3X6G1600C8D G isn't listed on the qvl but I do know of other people that are running it. I haven't got round to running memtest yet but I guess that had better be my next job.

  Dark Mantis 10:45 24 Mar 2010

Hi back again
I have tried a couple of different(originals) Win7 discs 32 and 64 bit with same problem. AS far as the ram goes I've tried just one stick at a time and swapping them over to make sure there wasn't a faulty stick. However I have been running Memtest86, the latest version, for a couple of hours now and it seems very stable, no errors! Maybe it just has someting against Mico$oft!!

  retep888 12:50 24 Mar 2010

Might be it's time to file a RMA for the mobo?

  Dark Mantis 13:08 24 Mar 2010

Yes, I guess so but it has all the features I was looking for. I always used to buy Asus but after the problems I had with the P5Q3 Deluxe [email protected] edition motherboard I thought I would try a different company. Gigabyte has always had a good reputation and this board received good reviews even though its a bit pricey. I will continue trying to sort it for now(I have contacted Gigabytes and Corsair's technical services) but if no luck I guess I will RMA the board. The memory seems to be fine.
Thanks for your help I will keep you posted of my progress.

  gengiscant 14:00 24 Mar 2010

Ahh,I should have read your post more closely, my original mobo was a Gigabyte GA-P55-US3L P55 Socket 1156,I had a lot of problems trying to install Windows 7,changed the ram, managed to install windows, but BSOD after BSOD so changed the board to an Asus P7P55D LE P55 Socket 1156 and touch wood haven't had problems.

This was not my first Gigabyte board but I haven't had a build give me so many problems.
I did not have much help with Gigabyte customer services, hence the change of board.
Good luck.

  retep888 14:40 24 Mar 2010

I do agree with you that some Asus boards are problematic,particularly with Rams but I found them more user friendly to enthusiasts and has more interactive and feedback between users.

At least there is a forum on their site although no Asus engineer resides, here is an example for
P5Q3 Deluxe [email protected] click here

  Dark Mantis 15:18 24 Mar 2010

rete888 Yes I agree. In fact you will find me answering a lot of queries on that particular forum.

gengiscant It was a toss up over the Asus board the P6X58D Premium and the Gigabyte. They both had the 6Gb SATA and the USB3.0 with the 1366 socket. It was just after my last build problems and the fact that the Gigabyte had a watercooling block for the north/southbridges built in the swung it.

  retep888 16:10 24 Mar 2010

<<In fact you will find me answering a lot of queries on that particular forum.>>

Oh yes,you're right,because I'm using a different board I don't see your user name there.

I don't know about the watercooling block on Gigabyte board but the one on my Asus S2E before the R2E I got now wasn't that good and the tube connectors and clips were crap so make sure you can get some good ones before going on water.

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